XV Century Sallet “The Dark Star”

Blackened Spring Steel Archer’s Sallet


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XV Century Sallet “The Dark Star”

Blackened Medieval Sallet Helmet

The Dark Star is alone by choice, accompanied only by her adept skills and strong will. It is easy to get stuck in her orbit – after all, she is talented and sharp minded – but you need to remember to be wary of a solitary person surrounded by others. Though she may pull you in, she won’t take you with her when she leaves.

This helmet is a part of our new Dark Star collection, a series of armor designed with the female figure in mind (though this helmet is unisex). Strong and stunning, this armor is made from spring steel and blackened to an eye-catching finish that will protect it from rust. Creating such an item has taken countless hours of blacksmithing experiments, tests, failures, and design, so we couldn’t be happier with the result! This helmet is slightly thinner than our other helmets due to the strong structure of spring steel, so it is lighter and ideal for LARP and other lighter types of fighting.

This is a visorless sallet, commonly referred to as an archer’s sallet. It has a noticeable lack of visor, and is an earlier rendition of this type of helmet, one evolutionary step above the XIV century bascinet. There are few main differences between this and a bascinet, including the handsome ridge up the middle of the helmet, the additional plate above the face, and the slight tail at the back. It comes down to your chin, and slopes at the back to cover the back of your neck.

This helmet is constructed from 1.5mm spring steel, with an additional piece of 1.5mm spring steel at the front of the helmet above the forehead. It is edged in leather, with brass rivets connecting the leather the whole way around the helmet. We have used quality leather and buckles on this piece, which give it a luxurious feel. This helmet comes pre-padded and is ready to wear and fight!

Please, mind that no polishing option is available if you choose brassed spring steel!

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  • 1.5mm spring steel (blackened);
  • Leather;
  • Brass rivets;
  • Brass buckle;
  • Linen (padding).


  • Light and strong spring steel;
  • XV century design;
  • No visor;
  • Solid brass rivets;
  • Leather border;
  • Historical padding;
  • Blackened finish.

This item is part of the “Dark Star” collection

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This item is part of the “Stars of Steel” collection

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1 Comment

  • 21 of September 2019:

    Do you have any option to put a face guard for heavy fight on this product?

    ArmStreet Team:

    It should be possible. Please contact our support team with the picture of the visor you would like to have. 

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