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“Dark Star” Cotton Gambeson

Two-piece female gambeson with lacing

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“Dark Star” Cotton Gambeson

Two-piece female gambeson with lacing

You’re welcome to dance with the Dark Star, but I would recommend keeping your distance. As an adept duellist and ruthless strategist, she has very little to gain from the common folk. Watch from afar, feel the pull… and try not to fall into her orbit.

Welcome to our beautiful new collection of armor fitted for the female figure. “Dark Star” is meant to be beautiful, dangerous, and of course functional and comfortable to wear into battle. When it came to designing a matching gambeson, we didn’t want to settle to anything bulky or unflattering and have spent many months designing this gorgeous piece of under armor. Based on our bestselling two-piece design, "The Kingmaker" Two-Piece Gambeson, this gambeson is perfect for LARP, fencing, SCA, and any other format where you’d like just a little bit of padding under your armor.

The shape of this gambeson was inspired by some found from the XIV-XV century. Compared to earlier gambesons, they were shorter and more fitted, coming down to just below the hips (opposed to your knees or even ankles!). The two-piece design means that there are two main segments: the sleeves and the vest. The sleeves are padded from the shoulder to wrist and include a split halfway up the forearm without any buckles or lacing (which is ideal if you are wearing bracers over top). The arms are connected with a crop-top like piece which is unpadded, consisting of two layers of fabric with lacing up the front. The vest is completely padded and patterned to fit your curves perfectly, with gores in the bust, a tapered waist and the bottom half cut on an angle to ensure the best hip coverage possible.

The real magic with this gambeson isn’t actually when you wear the pieces separately (which is also awesome), but when you wear them together. The lacing up the front of the sleeve crop-top allows the vest to sit perfectly flat over the top of it without any discomfort. Double padding from the combined pieces on the shoulders gives you extra protection against the straps of your armor rubbing without added bulk. The separate construction means that you can swing a sword, move and fight without your arms being restricted or the bottom of your gambeson riding up as much when you go into a high guard.

This piece has been designed by people with a passion for functional fashion and sword fighting, so a great amount of love and thought has been put into every single aspect of it to make it perfect. Robust cotton has been used so that the gambeson is tough and will stand the test of time whichever format of fighting you choose to use it in. A contrasting border brings a bit more color and variation to the look, and the quilting is stitched in a way that it flatters your curves, making it so fashionable that after fight practice you aren’t going to want to take it off! Embossed straps made from quality leather close the middle of the gambeson with the help of cast brass buckles, with a 4cm overlap in fabric to make sure you're covered. We have also included arming points at the shoulders to make sure this gambeson is battle ready!

We also have similar designs of this gambeson made from wool or linen.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Cotton;
  • Natural batting;
  • Leather;
  • Cast brass buckles.


  • Exclusive ArmStreet design;
  • Two pieces;
  • Embossed leather straps;
  • Fits the female body;
  • Strong cotton fabric;
  • Contrasting colors;
  • Arming points at the shoulders.

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  • Emily 15 of April 2021:

    What is the newton rating of this gambeson?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello Emily, we do not Newton test our gambeson as we are working on the new line of gambesons for HEMA with puncture resistant fabric layer. However, we know that our gambesons pass SCA puncture test and we have a darkwood armoury testing device so we can test this gambeson for you. Just note that this is not an official FIE test required for HEMA, unfortunately.

  • Phoebe 16 of November 2019:

    the size i was looking to order is out of stock (4) when will it become available to order again?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Dear Phoebe, we often re-stock our products so it should be available soon. However, to confirm the size for you, could you please send us your bust and waist circumference?

  • Natalie 18 of October 2019:

    Which of the female gambesons would you say is lightest (in terms of breathability, not feeling hot and stuffy after fighting, etc)? It seems like cotton would be the least warm, followed by linen, canvas and then wool, would this assumption be correct? Also, what height are these meant for? I'm quite tall (over 6 feet), so just wondering if I might need a custom fit for one of these. Thank you!

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Natalie, yes cotton and linen gambesons are the lightest, but the Dark Star gambeson can be made in fixed sizes only, unfortunately. Our fixed size products fit the full height of 5' 6"

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4 Feedbacks

  • Sarah Ravely 25 of July 2023:

    Absolutely stunning. A total showstopper of a piece. The seller was able to work with us to get our order turned around quickly, and every second of the wait was worth it. The inside and outside fit flawlessly, and both look great individually or together. They're warm, which is great in a cold convention hotel environment, but even in crowded places I never overheated (I also run cold). Everyone I met stopped me to look and exclaim over the details -- the armor attach points, the stitching, the patterning of the padding. I may wear this every year to this convention forever!

  • Nathan Whalen 15 of November 2021:

    Fits so well, and is very comfortable. Solid product and worth the cost.

  • Kristen Zattera 20 of August 2021:

    The quality of this item is absolutely beautiful. the fit of the vest is great and though I wish there was a little more room in the shoulders of the sleeves, it also fits well

  • Rachel Goldsmith 22 of January 2020:

    I bought this gambeson to wear under chain mail and on it's own. I had been looking for a somewhat flattering gambeson for women for several years and had not found one I wanted to purchase. The "Dark Star" gambeson exceeded my expectations! It is comfortable, protective, flattering, and easy to clean. I am glad I waited so long to buy a gambeson so that I could buy this one. Armstreet customer service was extremely helpful in helping me determine which size to buy. I highly recommend emailing them your measurements if you are unsure. I would have bought a size too big without their advice.

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