"Dark Star" Linen Female Gambeson

Two-piece female gambeson with buckles

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Dark Star Linen Female Gambeson

Two-piece female gambeson with buckles

Take some advice from me: don’t cross the Dark Star. Fall into her orbit, learn everything you can from her and enjoy the unstoppable force that she is, but don’t get too close. Those who are alone by choice won’t hesitate to cut a burden loose... and to her, any connection is a liability.

Designed to go with our Dark Star collection of female armor, this gambeson has been tailored to fit the female body. This project has been in our design studio a long time, and we are pleased to finally launch this amazing piece of under armor! It is similar in design to our Kingmaker Two-Piece Gambeson but has different patterning to ensure it will hug your body in the right places and not add bulk around your waist like most unisex gambesons do. As with most of our designs, we have endeavored to create something that is both beautiful and functional, as we feel that vital pieces of armor don’t have to be ugly or hidden!

Regarding historical design, similar garments from the XIV-XV century have inspired this gambeson. It is short (compared to earlier period gambesons), close-fitting, and includes a stand-up collar. It has two pieces to it – the crop-top under part, which includes padded sleeves and shoulders, and the vest over-part. The crop top is unpadded on the chest and includes darts to ensure it will fit across your bust. It is laced up the middle, which will sit flat underneath any other garment. The vest is expertly tailored to ensure the best fit possible. It includes gores across the bust, a tapered waist, 4cm of overlap at the buckles in the middle and a flared out shape from the waist to ensure a great fit around your hips.

Though both of these pieces can be worn separately and have their own advantages, they really show their merit when worn together. Separate arms and body mean that you have more freedom of movement in your arms, which make it perfect for swinging a sword. Inspired by requirements for HEMA, we have worked to make this the best gambeson possible to move and fight in. You end up with double padding at your shoulders (from both pieces), so if you are wearing a breastplate there is a little bit of extra cushioning.

This piece has been thoroughly designed, with a great amount of thought put into every single aspect. It is made from 100% flax linen outer, with natural batting, meaning it is breathable and comfortable. It includes contrasting borders to add a pop of color, and the quilting on the gambeson is designed to flatter your curves. The buckles are cast brass and the straps are made from quality leather and are attached with robust stitching to ensure they will hold up under your armor. The gambeson come with arming points at the shoulders and is ready for battle, so jump on in!

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 100% flax linen outer;
  • Cotton batting;
  • Leather straps;
  • Brass buckles.


  • Exclusive ArmStreet design;
  • Two pieces;
  • Buckles for closure;
  • Fits the female body;
  • Arming points at the shoulders;
  • Breathable flax linen.

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  • Dawn K 19 of September 2019:

    Hi, I'm very keen on getting this gambeson in size 6. I've measured myself and the gambeson should fit properly around all my body parts. My one concern is that the gambeson's arm and length will be too short, as I am a very tall person. I just measured my arm length, and it is about 60~61cm to my wrist from the shoulder, and about 67cm from my shoulder to my hips (I don't know how long the gambeson is). Would the size 6 still fit me? Or would I need to order a custom size for it to fit properly?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Dawn, please send us your full height so we could confirm the gambeson will fit you nicely. 

  • Madison 17 of September 2019:

    Hi, I noticed even in custom size the measurements were still a standard size. I was wondering if alterations could be made to the size of the biceps as I often find them too small on womens attire, or if I would have better luck getting a completely custom size from a different men's gambeson like the Medieval Under Armor Padding? Thanks!

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello, yes we can make Medieval Under Armor Padding for a woman in custom size. Please send us your measurements for the Dark Star gambeson so we could tell if it can be made in custom size for you. 

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