“Snow White” Corset Skirt

Flax linen skirt with structured corset

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Snow White Corset Skirt

Flax linen skirt with structured corset top

If you want to move with the same flawless grace and joy, this is the skirt for you. It includes a high waisted, flattering under-bust inner corset to create smooth lines, and has a gentle drape in the skirt that appears soft and feminine. We have created this soft appearance with the help of countless tiny pleats at the hip where the corset meets the skirt, gathering the bottom half expertly into the seam of the corset to create a flawless transition that leaves you with a voluminous skirt. Extra fabric under the corset ensures that no skin will be visible at the back through the lacing, leaving your modesty intact.

We took inspiration for this design from the Victorian silhouette - we love the dramatic gathered skirts and structured tops, and wanted to create something with this in mind. The top of the bodice accommodates the natural curve of your body, curving under the breasts. The front two bones of the corset continue with the folds of the skirt, helping with the structure.

The rigidity of the bodice can be attributed by a number of plastic bones that are more comfortable and less constricting than steel bones, but still provide enough support and structure to create an enviable silhouette. 18 bones are various lengths have been inserted into the dress The skirt closes at the back with robust corset lacing reenforced with metal eyelets to make sure it stands the test of time and continues to provide support.

The best part about this skirt is the back of it - the graceful curve of the corset gives way to an incredibly long back panel, with enough fabric in it to be a dress in itself! This creates a gorgeous train that trails behind you gracefully, enhancing the utterly enchanting noble look of this dress. If you don’t wish to have it trail out behind you, a series of tiny rings on the back of the skirt allow for lacing, which can be pulled up into a bustle-like gathering of fabric that looks oh-so-Victorian. It’s up to you how you choose to wear this skirt - we think it looks fantastic either way!

Please note that this item is available in fixed waist sizes, with the length determined by your height. If you have any questions about this garment, do not hesitate to contact us.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Flax linen;
  • Metal eyelets;
  • Plastic boning;
  • Lacing cord;

  • Metal lacing rings.


  • Lacing rings allow you to wear it two ways;
  • Graceful trail;
  • Structured corset underneath;
  • Incredible flattering silhouette;
  • Massive amount of fabric;
  • Corset and skirt all in one;
  • 100% flax linen fabric.

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  • Michelle 22 of August 2018:

    I just received my black linen skirt this morning, and I must say it is beautiful! Thank you so much! I was a little worried how it would look on my short stature but it looks great! Thank you ArmStreet, you guys are amazing!

  • leanne 09 of July 2018:

    hello i love this is this beautiful corset skirt in picture the beige striped?

    ArmStreet answered 09 of July 2018:

    Hi! Yes, it is our beige stiped linen. 

  • Catherine 06 of July 2018:

    Good Morning, I was reviewing this for order and one of the measurements requested, after being asked height, is desired length. I’m afraid I don’t really understand exactly what information is being requested. Are you asking for a measurement from the rib cage down or how long a person wishes the skirt to be? Please explain what is being asked, a bit better. 

    ArmStreet answered 06 of July 2018:

    Hello! Desired skirt length should be measured from the natural waist to the floor. To measure it correctly, please tie a string/cord/rope on the waist and measure the length from the string to the floor (in front). We will add a train on the back ourselves. 

  • Stephanie 13 of June 2018:

    Hi, is it possible to have this skirt made with a different material?

    ArmStreet answered 03 of July 2018:

    Hi Stephanie! This skirt can be made in linen only. 

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