“Snow White” Underskirt

Voluminous linen skirt with lace

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Snow White Underskirt

Voluminous linen skirt with gorgeous lace

With the delicacy of a light spring breeze, every tiny movement feels like a dance in itself. There’s nothing rehearsed or performative about how she conducts herself, everything feels natural and innocent – like the fresh morning sun or a recently bloomed flower. No matter how difficult the times may become, she still finds life joyful and easy, every moment a blessing that leaves a smile upon her face.

This beautiful underskirt exudes this image, and will suit any character looking for a skirt that is feminine, utterly enchanting and pretty. Though it appears simple, we have put great thought and care into creating a truly unique garment using our most advanced construction techniques yet! The top two layers – made of our gorgeously breezy flax linen – are reinforced with flexible boning to add a little bit of structure and to stop it from sticking to your legs. This creates a bit of body in the skirts and starts to give it that lovely shape. We further created volume by putting in an uncountable number of tiny pleats in the waistband, 1/3 of the way down the skirt, and again in the middle. The creates a natural drape as well as an enviable amount of body not usually attained without a petticoat or additional undergarment.

We feel that the combination of materials is what gives it a quaint charm: simple linen combined with expensive lacework makes for an innocent but still noble aesthetic. Though it’s made of three layers of linen, we have still managed to keep the appearance of being light, airy and incredibly pretty. You’ll find two pieces of beautiful lace: along the middle of the skirt, and the other along the bottom as a sheer, final layer to finish. Because we constructed this piece in layers, it flows as you walk and shifts with the breeze, and it is utterly stunning during dancing or any other movement. The whole skirt is gathered onto a waistband (which is intended to be worn high on your waist), and closes with a series of tiny metal d-rings that accommodate lacing.

We are in love with the silhouette of this skirt and know that the Victorian look will flatter many different figures. If you have any doubt as to how much fabric has been collected into the pleats of this dress, the circumference of the bottom hem is around 8 metres! We have called this an “underskirt” simply because we have a matching corset skirt to go over the top of it, but we do truly believe that this can be worn as a standalone piece without another skirt on top. The simple beauty of this skirt is enough to complete a costume on its own.

Please note that the colour of the lace matches the colour of the linen.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Flax linen;
  • Plastic boning;
  • Metal d-rings for lacing;

  • Lace.


  • Premium flax linen;
  • Ornate lacework;
  • Subtle reinforcing bones;
  • Beautiful drape;
  • Three layers add movement;
  • Can be used as an underskirt or just as a skirt;
  • Voluminous.

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  • Paige 06 of January 2019:

    Hi, I noticed that in the custom size tab, there isn't an option for the natural fine flax linen. Is it possible to have this option? I really want to wear this for my wedding and wouldn't mind paying extra to have it the color in the pictures. Thank you.

    ArmStreet Team answered 07 of January 2019:

    Dear Paige, we are out of natural color lace for the skirt in natural linen color. That is why it cannot be made in custom size, sorry.

  • Isa 18 of November 2018:

    Hi, is it possible to have more info on how the skirt opens/closes at the back? (maybe you have a close up picture of the back) Is it a bit adjustable at the waist with the lacings (like most of the dresses you make)? Thank you

    ArmStreet Team answered 04 of January 2019:

    Hi Isa, please check the picture below: 

    Common - lace_skirt.jpg

  • Sharonda Taylor 30 of August 2018:

    Is the lace on the black skirt white or black?

    ArmStreet Team answered 04 of January 2019:

    Hi Sharonda! The lace on the black skirt is black.

  • Heather Vautrin 08 of August 2018:

    Hello. I have admired your work for a very long time, but I was unable to purchase anything. Now I'm getting married and I'm in love with your snow white collection. I wanted to get the chemise and the skirt, and I am still very strapped for cash so I was wondering if I could maybe bundle them or make the chemise in a cheaper fabric? I would love to get married in that set. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Heather Vautrin

    ArmStreet Team answered 04 of January 2019:

    Dear Heather, we cannot make these items in cheaper fabric, but you may pay the order in parts if you wish. 

  • leanne 02 of August 2018:

    absoutley elegant classic skirt love the lace trimimng on this drapes berfectly i must get the whole collection sometime but have my eyes on other tunic dresses and all at the moment i need to get from you first hopefully soon i may drape in this ooh love it

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