“Errant Squire” Woolen Gambeson

Wool gambeson with cotton lining

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“Errant Squire” Paladin Woolen Two Piece Gambeson

Wool gambeson with cotton lining and buckles

Though he’s prone to wander, the Errant Squire is still reliable. Hard working, intelligent, and boasting big dreams, he feels that no task is below him, and is always happy to get down to business and get things done. From standing guard on a chilly evening to going for long walks in the countryside surrounding the keep, he always trusts his wool gambeson to keep him safe and warm.

The Errant Squire collection resembles this character: hard wearing, well crafted but without the ostentatious etching or pomp and circumstance of our fancier sets. Made with care from quality materials, this basic gambeson will become a staple in your medieval wardrobe for years to come.

The first thing you probably noticed about this gambeson is that it comes in two pieces. The internal “crop top” piece, consists of padded arms and a thin, unpadded body piece that laces up the middle for a good fit. The arms have plenty of room for swinging a sword and allow a great range of movement. The side of the arm has leather arming points at the perfect height to arm your arm harness. There are no buttons at the bottom of the sleeve - instead, we’ve left them with a slit which will allow you to roll them back if you’re unarmored, and comfortably fit your bracers overtop of.

The second piece of the gambeson goes overtop, and is a vest. This is completely padded and closes up in the middle with a series of strong leather buckles. They are attached with rivets and reinforced with washers. We used practical hardware to make sure the buckles are strong. We’ve attached arming points on the shoulders to make it easy for you to arm your pauldrons without having to add anything to the gambeson.

This gambeson makes use of a number of great materials. Made from quality wool, which is both warm and breathable, and lined with a robust cotton, this garment has a decent amount of structure and will hold up well in the heat of battle. All of the edges are finished with the same cotton as the lining, making this a well-finished, refined piece of clothing.

This is a piece that will work well as basic padding, but also just generally looks excellent and will suit you well as you adventure through forests in the mist or walk through the countryside dappled with snow.

To have a have a better picture of our functional gambesons and fabric armor, you may check out our article covering this topic.

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  • Wool outer;
  • Cotton batting inside;
  • Cotton lining;
  • Cotton detailing;
  • Leather straps and arming points;
  • Metal buckles.

Dimensions for Fixed Sizes (length of the central seam from the neckline to the bottom):

  • S - 70 cm (27 9/16");
  • M - 71 cm (27 15/16");
  • L - 72 cm (28 3/8");
  • XL - 73 cm (28 6/8");
  • XXL - 74 cm (29 1/8").


  • Exclusive ArmStreet Design;
  • Two piece gambeson;
Buckles for closure;
  • Leather arming points;

  • Slim fit;

  • Lacing for closure on the under piece.

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  • Erk 06 of September 2018:

    Does this gambeson offer any protection against cutting, slashint or piercing with a blade like its reallife caunterparts?

    ArmStreet Team answered 07 of September 2018:

    Hi Erk! This gambeson is made of wool which is very durable material. However, it still can be damaged or cut with blade, unfortunately

  • Garrison Garett Pauls 03 of September 2018:

    Hello I would love a gambeson like this BUT I have a size 52 inch chest and I know this one wouldn't work so anyway I can custom it or when will you have a size larger. Thanks

    ArmStreet Team answered 04 of September 2018:

    Hi! This particular gambeson comes in fixed sizes only and the largest is XXL. However, our size XXL should actually work for you. 

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