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Limited Edition Wool Viking Tunic

“Olegg the Mercenary” green woolen tunic

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“Olegg the Mercenary” Limited Edition Wool Viking Tunic

Viking Inspired tunic from soft wool with leather edging and hand embroidery

There are many stories about a man called Olegg. They’re all told around the campfire, always after drink, often with a laugh, never with a smile. “Never let him pick the weapon in a fight,” claimed one man. “Sometimes, but not all the time, play his games at the gambling den,” said another. “Always let him pick the vodka,” is a common piece of advice. If you’re ever lucky enough to meet Olegg himself, don’t forget to ask him about his adventures. Oh, and keep a close eye on your coin purse.

The wool used on this tunic is very special: a beautiful Italian wool, warm and soft. So special, in fact, that we only have a limited quantity of it, thus making this tunic limited edition. To mark the special nature of this tunic, we have embroidered the number in a runic alphabet, so you can forever remember how lucky you were to snap up such a special piece! Think of it like a serial number reminding you that your tunic was a limited run and exists with very few others like it. We are producing only 23 tunics with this beautiful greenish-grey wool, so get in quick! The greenish-grey is a nice, muted tone with a slight texture, meaning you’ll easily blend into foliage as you attempt to sneak up behind your enemy or hide from bears.

Like our other Viking tunics, this design is based on a historical prototype – the Kragelund tunic, found in Denmark, dated to have been originally designed in the 11 century. The cut of the tunic provides an excellent range of movement in the arms and is great for feasts, fighting practice or even the battlefield if it’s a chilly day. The bottom half of the tunic is cut wide to replicate gores, give it a nice flare at the bottom that swishes while you walk and looks flattering on all figures. A center slit makes this tunic very easy to move in, and comes in handy when riding a horse!

The edges are lined with a soft supple leather, which finishes the garment beautifully and adds a pop of colour. This includes the bottom hem, the neckline and the cuffs of the arms. The leather wraps around the hem and is well finished with a simple running stitch on the inside of the garment. On the outside, the leather edging is also finished with herringbone stitch embroidery with a beautiful linen thread, contrasting nicely and demanding attention. As well as many other ancient people, Vikings have attached sacral importance to clothes. So, Vikings have paid an extra attention to the decorations at every opening. Following them we've decorated this tunic with hand-embroidery wherever possible – at the bottom hem, at the neckline, at the cuffs, along the shoulder seam and down the center of the tunic. It ties the whole look together, protects you from evil spirits and makes for a cohesive, handsome tunic.

Kragelund Mose Tunic Design

Ogham refers to the earliest written representation of the old Irish language, forming words using Gaelic symbols commonly associated with the Druidic class. Possibly it was intended as a secret form of communication. Ogham writing appears as the series of lines and angles on monumental inscriptions carved in stone pillars and various megaliths dating from 2th-6th centuries A.D. But more than that, its symbols underlie a divinatory system much like the Runes, correlating with the lunar calendar.

The runic alphabet was consciously created by ArmStreet designers especially and exclusively for our limited edition items on the basis of the Ogham alphabet. The following table shows how the runic Ogham numbers correspond with the serial numbers. Owning one of these tunics means having a truly unique piece.

Runes samples

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Limited run Italian wool;
  • Leather;
  • Linen thread.

Tunic features:

  • only 23 1 items available!
  • Soft wool;
  • Well finished seams;
  • Hand embroidery;
  • Leather along hems;
  • Historically inspired;
  • Limited supply available!

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1 feedback

  • Chamuel 08 of March 2018:

    My new favorite tunic from armstreet! Last year, I asked if they could make the viking tunic in wool, in which they said was not possible at the time. Several months later, they reveal this limited edition wool viking tunic. Thank you for creating this awesome piece. The quality if off the charts with great attention to detail. The wool is soft and not itchy. I have great mobility and do not overheat in this tunic, as it is medium/light weight and breathable. With this tunic, you also receive the rune shown above, depending on your order. I enjoy wearing various types of armstreet clothing daily that I have been collecting throughout the years. I attend several events annually, and many people are astounded by the quality of the clothing; which I then refer them to armstreet. The customer service is legendary, which keeps me coming back. I look forward to new collections that may be unveiled this year. =]


    Thank you so much for such a detailed feedback! :)
    It`s so nice to read your words, we`re happy to have you as our
    customer, thank you for choosing ArmStreet!

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