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Canvas Viking Jacket and Hood

Ragnvaldur the Traveller weatherbeat duo


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“Ragnvaldur the Traveller” Canvas Jacket and Viking Hood

A water resistant duo for a Viking who wants to stay dry.

The Traveller only stops for two things: a warm fire and a good story. Unencumbered by the weather, he's always prepared to venture on, rain or shine. Through dank swamps, across marshy wetlands and along cliffs kissed by the mist of the ocean, they journey forth without any care for the wet weather. In the rain, he simply does up his jacket or puts up his hood, unfazed by the environment. Afterall, there are people to meet and new tales to tell, and a traveller never stops until the journey has reached its end, wherever that may be and for how long.

This combination of clothing is historically inspired with a slight fantastical twist to make it practical and more likely to keep you warm in wet weather. The jacket is based on a historical find from Denmark called the “Viborg Shirt”, a piece of late Viking clothing with a square-ish neckline that does up on the right. While the original item would have been made from linen, we've instead made use of our durable, beautifully woven waterproof canvas.

The same goes with the hood. A hood like this would have also been found during the viking age, and is based on the common Skjolderhamn hood pattern that is very popular among reenactors. We have modified this slightly, as the original hood was made out of wool. We decided to match it with the same canvas from our jacket, and turned them into a matching set!

The jacket is lined on the inside of the sleeves and torso with lovely linen, which blends in with the rest of the coat and makes sure there won’t be any rough bits rubbing on your skin. We have also done the same with the hood: it’s entirely lined, top to bottom in the same linen to make sure you don’t get itchiness or rubbing around your neck from the canvas. The canvas itself is an absolute feat - it’s a course, loose weave that has a fantastic texture that comes out very well in photos and just begs to be touched. It’s naturally water resistant and will repel most moderate rain, although we don’t recommend going swimming in it or standing under a waterfall.

The jacket has a piece of supple embossed leather in the centre with viking knot work patterns just to add a little bit of stylistic flair, as well as what appears to be hand stitching throughout the exposed seams to add another texture. The hood also has this same stitching, which adds a lovely little piece of detail that makes the hood look less like a costume and more like clothing. Both the jacket and the hood are edged with a nice soft suede, which finishes off the seams beautifully and gives the whole outfit a very finished look. The hood can be worn inside the jacket for more protection from the rain, or on top of the jacket for a more historical look, just like how they would have worn it in the age of the vikings.

The pattern is based on Viking Viborg Shirt design:

Reconstruction of the Viborg linen shirt. Denmark, 11th Century

Reconstruction of the Viborg linen shirt

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  • Canvas (body);

  • Flax Linen (lining);
  • Leather (accents);
  • Suede (edges).


  • Natural water resistant canvas;
  • Decorative embossed leather (jacket);
  • Comfortable linen lining;
  • Hand finished look on the seams;
  • Historically inspired design;
  • Suede edging.

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  • Josh 01 of April 2024:

    Would the XL jacket fit well with an XL tunic size?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello, yes, of course! 

  • Joshua Hooper 25 of January 2020:

    It was Nice but i did not get the color I wanted or was expecting and costumer servis was a bit confusing

    ArmStreet Team:

    Dear Joshua, please send us your order number and a picture showing the colors of the product that you have received so we could assist you better. 

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2 Feedbacks

  • Gael 23 of November 2019:

    Very pleased with this warm, comfortable jacket. From pyjamas to gardening tunic, it never leaves my side!

  • Gael 23 of November 2019:

    I'm very pleased with this warm, comfortable jacket. From pyjamas to gardening tunic, it never leaves my side!

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