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Medieval Dress Tunic “Red Elise”

Medieval Dress Tunic “Red Elise”
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Shipping & Manufacturing

Standard shipping:$24.00
Standard shipping time:16-21 Days
Express shipping:$41.00
Express shipping time:5-8 Days

Dress color:

Yellow flax linen
Blue flax linen
Green flax linen
Wine red flax linen
Orange flax linen
Red burgundy flax linen
Midnight flax linen
Violet flax linen

Sizes available

Size chart

“Red Elise” Dress Tunic

Classic medieval casual women's dress

This dress is our version of European medieval ladies casual costume.

I want to say few words about this excellent fabric which is one of our favorite. Flax linen is 100% natural, looks very authentic and gives great heat protection; it's light and dense at the same time. The design looks simple, but it's very well thought-out and looks great on almost any figure. There is long lacing along back and sleeves.

Please note, the dress of size 6, 8, 10, 12 has the side bust darts for better shaping. Also, if the difference between your bust and waist circumferences exceeds 9 13/16 in (25 cm), the dress won't fit tightly.

You can order this dress complete with skirt and chaperone.


  • 100% natural flax linen

Dress features:

  • Simple cut
  • Back lacing
  • Lace up sleeves

Please note, the belt is not included.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.



What length does 'Red Elise' come in for an in stock size? 6 in particular. Thanks.

ArmStreet team:

Fixed size dresses are 58" (148 cm) long in sizes 0–8 and 59" (150 cm) in sizes 10–12.


hello, i was wondering if your dresses run large? im normally a size 8 but according to your size guide im between a two and a four, should i order my regular dress size or size down according to your guide? thank you, Margo.

ArmStreet team:

Our sizes are different from US, EU and UK systems, so please order the size which should fit you according to our size chart, not the size you are wearing usually as they are very different.

Jenna Nolt:

Hi, I would like to order this dress, but I need it to arrive (U.S. address) by March 27th. I am fine with paying for expedited shipping. Is that possible? Thanks! -Jenna

ArmStreet team:

You can order a fixed sized dress from stock, then it will be shipped right away, just choose the desired colour, size and mention your deadline in the comments to your order.

If you need a custom sized dress, please choose express shipping (can be chosen in your cart) and mention your deadline in the comments to your order. Then we`ll rush manufacturing a little if needed.


Can this dress be made to the shin instead of full-length?

ArmStreet team:

This modification should be possible, just let us know the desired overall length (from the shoulder seam to the bottom hem) in the comments to your order.


Hi just read excellent comments here. I am a 12/14 Uk size. Would 4 be best? I would like to have it by christmas, it this possible? Sandra

ArmStreet team:

Yes, size 4 should fit you best.
Shipping normally takes 16-21 days, if you order now, the dress should be delivered by Christmas. Also, you can choose express shipping, it takes 5-8 days only.


Absolutely love all of your dresses with the lacing like this. I saw in an answer you gave above that you can make the dress in cotton instead of linen. For the event I am attending, cotton is much more desirable, but I was wondering if there is any cost difference and if it can still be made in that gorgeous midnight blue. Thanks so much for your time! Keep up the incredible work :)

ArmStreet team:

Yes, the dress can be made of cotton, simply add a comment to your order. Price will be the same as listed. Please note, it will have two additional seams along the dress - in front and on the back.
The Dark blue cotton is similar in colour to the Midnight blue linen.


I am a UK size 10 what size would I need to order?

ArmStreet team:

Please check our size chart. You can also email us your chest and waist measurements and we will help you to determine the right size.


I was wondering what the belt is that the model is wearing. Do you sell it? Thanks!

ArmStreet team:

The belt from pictures is not available for order, sorry. We can offer you Exclusive Etched Women's Brass Belt or Medieval German Women's Belt with Brass Casting Accents.


The tunic "Red Elise" is it customary to be worn by itself? And can it have another tunic underneath it? For instance could you put the tunic "Sunshine Janet" Underneath it?

ArmStreet team:

The tunic Red Elise is meant to be worn by itself. Both tunics have lacings on the back and on the sleeves and they both actually go as full-fledged dresses.


I am looking for a dress for a photoshoot and the theme is Elaine of Ascolat Lady of Shalott all based on the book "Song of the Sparrow" by Lisa Ann Sandell. The dress described is wool vermilion gown. Any suggestions? Hope this will not be a too difficult question. Thank you again.

ArmStreet team:

There are two woolen dresses which would be great for this topic: Medieval Fantasy Woolen Dress “Red Sleeves” or its analog which goes without the belt and has less beading embroidery - Medieval Woolen Dress “Green Sleeves”.

Cassandra Holden:

How long would shipping to Michigan take?

ArmStreet team:

Normally shipping takes 16-21 days. We can also offer UPS express shipping which takes 5 business days for some extra.


Hi I just like to ask which stock size may suit me better 8 or 6 as Im a bit bustier 104cm and broad shouldered but waist 89cm. Thanks

ArmStreet team:

According to our size chart, size 6 will fit you just well! Still, if you are afraid that your shoulders are broad and fixed size can be small, we can offer you custom size dress, which will be made specially for you according to all your measurements.


Hi, This dress is beautiful. Does it come in burgundy? I can't tell from the swatches on the site. Also, are there any photos of the back? Thank you.

ArmStreet team:

Yes, this dress is available in burgundy in stock in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12. Also it can be made in burgundy color in custom size.

All existing photos of the Red Elise dress are available on the website. You can also see the photos of the Sunshine Janet dress, it has the same cut.


Hi, can the belt in the photo be purchased in this website too?

ArmStreet team:

The belt from pictures is not available for order, sorry. We can offer the Lost Princess belt or the Archeress belt instead.

Liz H:

I ordered this dress in the midnight blue and wore it to the Ren Faire this last weekend. Lovely color in person. The dress was so comfortable to walk around in all day. I will be wearing it for many more faires :)

ArmStreet team:

Pleased to hear this, thanks for your message. It would be great if you share some photos! Always welcome back to ArmStreet!


Received my dress in May, have worn it to three re-enactment events with the EMP and get complimented every time I wear it. I love it, I got mine in violet. It's a bit darker than the swatch on the site, but just as lovely!

ArmStreet team:

We're pleased to hear this, Stephanie! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experiences! It would be great if you share some photos!


Hello! I am shopping in advance for my daughter's Halloween costume this year, & I happened upon your web site. My daughter is only 3 and a half years old, but I am hoping to find a unique costume for her this year. I would like for her to be a Medieval Princess version of Cinderella, perhaps before she went to the ball, so possibly still in a peasant outfit. I thought this dress might be lovely for that? Her little sister, who will only be 10 months come October, is going to be a little I thought it would be fitting, as she could be the pumpkin that turns into Cinderella's carriage! My question for you is: would it be possible to make these in a child's size, & if so, how much would it cost? As I said, my little girl is only 3 and a half. Also, would it arrive in plenty of time for Halloween, so that she could wear it out for fall festivities? Thank you so much!

ArmStreet team:

Please could you specify how tall is your daughter? We accept orders for clothes for children taller than 3' 7"/110 cm (full height). To make the dress for younger girls, we would have to remake the pattern of the dress from scratch, sorry.


Hi there! Can this dress be made without lacing on the sleeves, and with the sleeves slightly more fitted? I love the dress, but I would get caught on things if there was lacing on my sleeves.

ArmStreet team:

The sleeves cannot be made without the lacing, sorry.

tove jannecke wiik:

Hi, I would like to order this dress in color natural flax. Is that possible?

ArmStreet team:

Yes, this dress can be made to order in natural color flax.

Simply switch to the Custom size tab in the description of the dress, click Add to cart, then Go to cart. Please tick the preferred color, then fill in your measurements in the order form and click Checkout.


I forgot to ask you about the measurements . Are you needing the measurements in centimeters or in inches ?

ArmStreet team:

Please provide the measurements in inches or in metric system for your choice.


hello i have this amazing dress for sometime now, and do combined all my alchemist daughter jewelery together with it such a magical and beautiful designed perfect fit with all .. i have sent photos of me in this amazing magical dress beauty warrior at hand for you to see..xxoo

red_elise red_elise1

ArmStreet team:

Amazing! Thanks for the great pictures, Avalyen!


How much ease does this dress have? The reason I ask is i would like to be able to practice archery in the dress. I previously made my own dress, and the sleeves literally ripped off when I raised my arms to shoot (imagine Merida in Brave at the archery competition, that was me, haha)

ArmStreet team:

We add enough space for active movement, but for shooting still recommend dresses with short sleeves, such as "Archeres" dress, "Forget Me Not" and Franks dress.


I have this gown! Purchased in 2006 and still love it. Thankyou for being Armstreet.

ArmStreet team:

Thanks to our longstanding and loyal customers! Many thanks for your reviews, JoAnne!


My Maid of Homour just showed me this dress. It's almost exactly what I want for my bridesmaids (and the name is uncanny lol,). I only ask can the sleeve be flared rather than tied? If yes then I need three of these in wine colour.


Do you make shipping discounts or other incentives for orders of more than one dress? I am looking at getting at least two possible three dresses from you. Love your beautiful dresses!

ArmStreet team:

There are no discounts for multiple orders, but you'll get combined shipping.
Also we provide 10% discount on related products!


How rough is the flax material? My daughter has sensitive skin and I don't want to get her a dress she can't wear (she's almost 11 and we are wanting to get mommy daughter dresses).

ArmStreet team:

Tactile perception is very individual, but natural fabrics are always rougher than synthetic. Linen we use is soft and flowing, its density is 1.30 - 1.35 g/cm³. You can use any conditioner for natural fabrics for fabric softening.


Can this dress be made with the ribbon trim around the bottom and sleeves?

ArmStreet team:

Can be made w/ trim for some extra. Please specify which trim you prefer.

Zoe Raoulaina:

Beautiful dress. Fits perfectly! Gorgeous in blue color. Thank you so much!

ArmStreet team:

Thanks for your feedback! Always welcome!

Corinne Reif:

Is it possible to make the dress in the black flax but with the gores in white?

ArmStreet team:

The dress has no additional gores, but we can add them for $30 extra per 1 gore. Two-tone dress - doable, please contact us at for more details.


Is this type of dress supposed to be worn with an undergarment? If so, which one? Thank you.

ArmStreet team:

May be worn with or w/o chemise. For more historically accurate look, wear it with the Medieval Flax Linen Underdress Chemise or Medieval Exclusive XIV century style Chemise Underdress.


Could this come in velvet? Light blue velvet? Thank you for offering these dresses.

ArmStreet team:

This dress can be made out of linen or cotton fabric.

Rowena Whaling:

Is this dress the same style/pattern as Sunshine Janet, except for the trim?

ArmStreet team:

Yep, exactly.


Hello. when making the outfit do you allow extra room for ease of momement or would I need to add extra to the measurements I take. Thank you

ArmStreet team:

All we need is your actual body measurements, please do not add any extra inches. We allow extra room for ease of movement ourselves.

Can this gown be made in plus sizes?
ArmStreet team:

Sure, it can be made in any size, as we make our items according to the customer's measurements - simply provide the requirement measurements while ordering.
No extra charges for extra big or small, tall or petite sizes!


I just got my beautiful dress and I am wondering how you suggest I care for the dress ( washing, etc) to keep it in the best condition.

ArmStreet team:

It's machine washable, here is our clothing care guide.


Is there a way to check an order's status?

ArmStreet team:

Please email us at

Mary Cobb:

Just bought this dress, can't wait to get it!!


Hi, can you tell me if the lacing on the sleeves is adjustable, or just for looks? Thanks!

ArmStreet team:

The lacing absolutely functional, the sleeves are adjustable.

Would it be possible to make this dress without the sleves? I love the dress I have already had from you (the lady hunter), but it is too formal for everyday wear. I am looking for something that is as wonderfuly comfortable that does not stand out so much in a modern setting. Thanks
No problems, please
Greetings. Is this dress available in the orange color shown in the picture?? Thanks for your reply
ArmStreet team:
Yep, you are welcome. Thank you for your question!

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