“Ingvar the Besieger” Viking Pants

Limited edition poofy pants with lacing

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“Ingvar the Besieger” Limited Edition Viking Pants

Viking Poofy Rus Pants with Lacing

Pants are an often overlooked aspect of costuming that are incredibly important, both on an aesthetic and social level! No one wants to be caught wandering around camp without pants. Also, pants aren’t something that should be hidden by long coats, they should be showcased and celebrated. This is why we decided to make a limited edition range of pants that are comfortable, have an excellent texture, and will be the star feature of your costume!

These pants are very typical to the Viking/ Rus aesthetic. They are quite historically accurate and are used by reenactors and history enthusiasts all over the world, and this design is one of our most requested items at festivals. The drawstring of these pants is quite long, and the pants gather in around your waist to drape over your legs. There isn’t a single figure that doesn’t look fantastic in this design! Just below the knee, the pants come in tighter and are more fitted around the calf. The pants have lots of room and move well as you pace around forts looking for weak points, crawl through tall grass and climb castle walls.

Don’t worry about buying separate leg wraps or winningas with these pants, as they have the added bonus of already coming with attached jute cord that can be wrapped around your leg to make these pants tight to the knee. Leg wraps make these pants look excellent and add a little bit of visual interest, whilst also helping the pants fit better and be more comfortable.

The fabric of linen and cotton blend we have used on these pants is light and breathable. It weathers beautifully and just keeps looking better even after it gets dirty and worn. It continues to be soft and comfortable next to your skin, and the drape of them only gets more flattering as time goes on. The two-tone striped pattern is interesting and unique, and will surely compliment any color scheme. The narrow bottom part of the leg is made of the unicolour fabric of the same texture.

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  • Natural linen and cotton combined fabric;
  • Jute leg wraps.


  • Limited edition!
  • Historical design;
  • Beautiful striped linen and cotton blend fabric;
  • Same fabric in unicolour at the calf part;
  • Included leg wraps;
  • Quality manufacturing.

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