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Viking Bracers “Old Gods”

Etched splint Vandal inspired bracers


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“Old Gods” Stainless Steel Splint Bracers

Etched splint Vandal inspired bracers

The Old Gods evening star meant many things: flashbacks, memories, visions for their future journey. There was one thing for sure, though: it was guiding them to their true homeland.

The original design of these bracers have a root in Vandal armor design, but we have used everything we love about the viking aesthetic to create a pair of bracers that may have been created in the realms of fantasy, but may have existed in some alternate universe. Simple, flexible, and adorned with beautiful etching, these excellent bracers are sure to turn heads! We imagine they will be ideal for photoshoots or lighter forms of combat that don’t require full armor coverage, such as LARP.

The Old Gods Bracers are made up of 8 stainless steel splints: 4 long and 4 short. The short splints are 2cm wide at the wrist and 2.5cm wide at the longest part, while the longer splints start at 2cm and widen out to be 3cm at the elbow. This helps accommodate the natural curve of your arm without being too tube-like! Each splint is 2mm thick and cut with care to ensure no sharp parts that might accidentally catch your clothing or hurt you. There is no leather backing to this splint armor - instead it is held together by three robust leather strips, making them easy to fold up and store without taking up too much room.

One of our biggest gripes with this style of split has always been how uncomfortable it can be around the wrists. Thus, we’ve expertly turned the splints out to make sure they don’t dig into your wrist bone or cause any undue discomfort. They also flare out near the elbow to broaden their protection and give the natural shape of your arm a little bit of extra room to move.

We have etched each splint with an ArmStreet exclusive etching pattern, created by our designers after much research into viking art and knotwork. The etching depicts a wolf combined with knot work, which can be seen in other pieces of the Old Gods set as well.

We consider these a luxury item and have done our best to create them with no expense spared - solid construction with brass rivets throughout and quality materials ensure they will last you for many battles to come. Stainless steel means that these are significantly more resistant to rust than your average mild steel piece of armor, and they will stay beautiful and shiny without vigorous polishing or any heavy time investment in care. These bracers are finished off with beautiful brass buckles with a viking motif, tying the whole look together.

If you’re looking to create a matching set, take a look at the corresponding greaves for this collection - we used the same etching pattern and construction methods to make sure they go together perfectly.

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  • 2mm (14ga) stainless steel;
  • Leather;
  • Brass rivets;

  • Cast brass buckles.


  • Fantasy design inspired by history;
  • Decorative brass rivets;
  • Beautiful etching;
  • Flared at the wrist and elbow;
  • Hand cast viking inspired buckles;
  • Rust resistant stainless steel.

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  • adsa 05 of July 2022:

    Bracers protect the inner side of hand for achery, technically these are more closer to vambracers.

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