Fireside Family

A simple and practical XI-XII century style clothing collection for events, encampments, and everyday activities for the whole medieval family

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"Fireside Family" is about many things. Our goal was to create something simple, but recognizable. For this collection we avoid flashy details and create an early middle ages mood using clean lines and moderate accents. We were told by our customers that sometimes people want more room for their creativity, so we also strove to create basic outfits you may spin in different ways creating your own characters, combinations, and general mood.

There are lots of tiny accents we'd like to take note of that may be unnoticed initially but create ArmStreet signature impression of high quality and attention to details. Let's mention multilayered fabric bordering, trim that imitates classic tablet weaving, and several new colours of natural flax linen specially supplied to create a bit more pale, dusty, medieval look.
In the XI-XII century, when the world was younger and more simple, when face to face combat was considered to be a good way to solve the differences through and when practical reasons were the most important reasons, people wore simple and practical clothing.

We were inspired by this mood and created these utility clothes and goods for your medieval life, leaving enough space for your character and your own creativity at the same time. Now you can be anyone and go anywhere. Or stay with your friends, relatives, brothers at arms and talk, drink and sing songs around the campfire, enjoying your "Fireside Family".

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