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“Fireside Family” Sackcloth Pouch

Sackcloth linen pouch

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“Fireside Family” Sackcloth Linen Pilgrim’s Pouch

Sackcloth linen pouch

Do you like festivals? Do you enjoy preparing for them? Then, you might spend quite some time choosing comfortable shoes, beautiful dresses, and fitting accessories. We in ArmStreet always try to provide you with a great variety of items that would suit different occasions such as long walks and picnics in nature. Just like people used to do centuries ago.

Nowadays as well as back then, people prefer clothes made of linen or cotton. These materials are more pleasant during hot summers. You might be imagining already how you can spend a whole day at the festival wearing a comfortable linen dress or shirt. And in these dreams, it is time to notice that authentic Medieval clothes have no pockets. Years ago, our ancestors did not need to take anything when they went for a walk. And when they needed to carry something they would pick, berries or mushrooms for example, they used bags.

Life has been changing since that time. Bags became quite necessary as people need different small items on them for everyday life. It is difficult to imagine going out without a smartphone, earphones, and power bank. Especially when you plan to spend a whole day at the festival. A small pouch for snacks, combs, mirrors, and water is essential. That is why we have made one that would suit any Medieval outfit. We decided to keep its design simple but very convenient. This bag has two layers. The inner layer is made of fine linen that is softer for the items inside. And the outer layer is made of rough sackcloth linen that has nice texture and protects the bag. The pouch also has a wooden toggle and a hemp loop that secures it and at the same time leaves your items easily accessible for you.

Search no more if you need a long-lasting bag. Our linen pouch can accompany you during different festivals and walks for many years.

If you have any questions about this bag, please contact us.


  • Linen sackcloth;
  • 100% linen lining;
  • Wooden toggle;
  • Hemp lacing.


  • Fits any phone;
  • Wooden toggle keeps it closed;
  • Adjustable cross strap;
  • Two layers;
  • Soft linen lining.


  • Width: 27cm (10 ⁵/₈'');
  • Height: 32cm (12 ¹⁹/₃₂'').

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1 feedback

  • Paul 22 of October 2022:

    A well-made pouch.

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