Embroidered Cape "Fireside Family"

Limited edition embroidered wooden cape


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Embroidered Medieval Cloak "Fireside family"

Limited edition dense wool with accents

The entire "Fireside Family" collection is about the cozy feeling of being in a nice place with your chosen people. Even if it's a two-day drive each way and extra construction work to avoid the flood in your medieval tent after a week of heavy rains – you feel at home here. Sitting next to the particular firepit, surrounded by your fireside family, you feel happy, safe, and warm. If it's not the case and those chilly nights with cold winds and drizzle are trying to get you into the tent early, robbing you of precious time with your dear friends - no worries, we've got you covered. And we mean that! We've got you covered with this warm, dense, medieval-looking, entirely windproof, weatherproof woolen cloak.

This early medieval cape features unbelievable fabric! If the campfire sparkles set the wood pile on fire, you can probably use this one to stop the whole thing from burning; that's how dense it is! (However, we wouldn't recommend performing that for safety reasons). High-quality Italian wool is elastic and stiff at the same time. Its density is unprecedented: we've never dealt with such fabric before, and it's incredible how rigid it is while not being hairy or prickly. Describing what you would feel touching it, the words "textured", "definitely not tender", and, well, "medieval" come to mind. We have a limited quantity of this lovely green-grey shade wool, which will only last for a while.

There is no lining or inner seams, just one almost semi-round chunk of fabric 3 meters long with a well-thought-through cutout at the neckline and beautiful finishing touches. All the edges have a neat matching color linen blend finish and three hemp ropes of contrasting colors that create extra depth in the whole picture. The neckline and the hem also feature fragments of handmade threaded herringbone stitches made in two contrasting colors of mouline threads. This medieval style outwear stays for utility and quality; it speaks of power and resistance, not tenderness and cuddles. You can use it as an extra blanket on chilly nights or for a picnic in early spring when the earth still carries the winter breath. It comes in one size and will appear differently on different statures.

The natural shade of the wool can play the role of homemade cloth for your early Middle Ages persona, whether it derives from an impoverished family or was wondering for so long that the initial color of the wool got burnt out by the sun. These were the ages when bright colors were rare but not nonexistent – the fragment of the saxon embroidery dated back to the 12th century features a similar color combination. The eye-catching yet tender decorations contrast with the mossy wool – the embroidery and thin multicolor ropes add flashes of color and look authentic. Look at your character in a mirror or a water reflection – wearing this cloak doesn't turn noble, but it does turn smart. It's not just a travel cape but also an attire and protection from the weather. And your ticket to longer nights filled with laughter, talks, and sweet memories.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 100% natural dense wool;
  • Linen blend accents;
  • Hemp ropes;
  • Cotton thread.


  • Incredible quality wool;
  • Handmade embroidery;
  • Windproof and weatherproof;
  • Contrasting hemp ropes;
  • One size fits all.

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