Medieval Cloak "Ilse the Bright"

Medieval Woolen cape with applique


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Medieval Cloak "Ilse the Bright"

Limited edition soft wool cape with applique

In the age of ancient wonders, a cloak exists woven from the threads of time itself. At least, the legend says so. Made of a solid piece of soft wool (approximately 3 meters), this woolen cloak keeps you warm and adds a pinch of Old Times into the nowadays. It features a semicircle shape with a soft but very efficient take-out in the neckline area. Even though the cape can't be adjusted to your stature and can be ordered only in the one size option, it will always look good on you thanks to such a neckline.

Each edge of this woolen marvel is adorned with accents of linen blend, outlined with a contrasting hemp rope. Along the neckline, the ropes entwine in a dance of whimsy, tracing paths of embroidered enchantment crafted by the hands of skilled artisans. Different stitches (both machine and handmade) combine into beautifully textured decoration and turn the simple outwear into eye-catching attire. Creating this pattern, we were inspired by meander but turned it into our vision, as we always do.

Like the first artists at the dawn of time, we were searching for the perfect image to place on this cape. We wanted an applique to tell its own legend. Early Middle Ages embroiderers would empower this mysterious creature with supernatural abilities to protect the wearer from evil spirits and safely return home no matter how far the journey is. With the artistry of modern hands, the cape comes to life – its applique is a symphony of contrasting fabrics, hemp ropes, and intricate stitching. Bright colors of the earth and various textures of the materials used create synergy and beauty, a spirit of ancient tales and mystical energies.

No matter how long your path is and where it brings you at the end, the woolen cloak will keep you warm during the whole journey. Its ornaments are so outstanding that they can easily become a conversation starter, and who knows, maybe they'll bring new friends or companions to your life.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 100% natural wool;
  • Linen blend accents;
  • Hemp ropes;
  • Cotton thread.


  • Soft high quality wool, limited run;
  • Handmade chain stitching;
  • Hemp ropes embroidery;
  • Mystic creature applique;
  • One size.

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