“Leprechaun” Lucky Coin Necklace

Etched brass with Celtic knot work


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“Leprechaun” Lucky Coin Necklace

Etched brass with Celtic knot work

Anyone who has ever gone hunting for a pot of gold knows that finding the end of the rainbow is difficult… Leprechauns are crafty creatures and aren’t particularly happy giving their riches and good luck away to mortals. So, we offer you a solution: your very own lucky coin that you can wear on a necklace and keep with you at all times. Who knows – it might help you find that pot of gold.

This necklace is from a new collection inspired by the tales and folklore from Medieval Ireland. We have used Celtic history and a little bit of our own imagination to make a creative collection full of fun, bright pieces that are sure to increase your luck.

This coin is made from brass and is about 4cm in diameter. It has decent size and weight to it and comes on a piece of cord so that you’re less likely to lose it. It has two images on it, one of either side (which makes it good for a coin toss if you ever need to make a decision!). One side has Celtic knotwork which forms the image of a four leaf clover for extra luck, and on the other a pot of gold. These images are masterfully etched into the brass, giving the whole piece a nice rustic tone.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Brass;
  • Cord.


  • Carry your luck with you!
  • Solid brass coin;
  • Etched design;
  • ArmStreet exclusive etching;
  • Inspired by Celtic folklore.

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