“Leprechaun” Jacket

Wool and linen coat with embroidery


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“Leprechaun” Jacket

Wool and linen coat with embroidery

It would be wise to never trust a fairy. While they may sometimes grant wishes, they are much more concerned with tricking mortals, playing games, and even killing you simply because it pleases them. Though often portrayed as tricky and cheeky, the leprechaun is a solitary creature who more than anything enjoys nature and his own company. An integral part of Irish Folklore, these interesting fairies have become closely associated with Saint Patrick’s Day.

This jacket has a number of different inspirations. It presents itself to be similar to a kaftan, fitting loosely and falling open at the front. It ends up with a comfortable v-neck when closed, with the bottom hem of the jacket sitting just below your hips. At the front it appears to go diagonally across, giving it an interesting appearance that makes it a little bit different from other jackets we sell. The jacket is held closed with a tie on the side, and from the outside just appears to magically sit closed, overlapping. It has a decent amount of space in the shoulders, allowing for a good range of movement. The arms are straight cut, but not tight in fit.

We have used a number of fantastic textiles on this coat, which feels lovely and looks amazing as well. The outside of this jacket is made from wool, which is soft and has a lovely texture. Wool has been used in historical clothing for millennia and is renowned for being insulating as well as water repellant. The inside of the jacket is made from 100% flax linen, which makes a perfect lining due to its ability to wick sweat and how nice and soft it becomes over time. The outside of the jacket is accented by linen sackcloth, which has a nice loose weave to it, adding another texture to the medley of colors.

We have taken great care to add fine details to this beautiful piece. The whole this is well constructed, with nicely finished seams and crisp edges. Linen thread has been used to add embroidery around all of the sackcloth accents, which can be found at all of the openings: up the middle, along the bottom, and at the cuffs of the sleeves. We have also added a line of embroidery along the shoulder seam to make it pop a bit more.

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  • Wool;
  • 100% flax linen;
  • Linen sackcloth;
  • Linen thread.


  • Fantasy design;
  • Inspired by Celtic history;
  • Expert hand stitching;
  • Quality textiles;
  • Linen lining;
  • Contrasting edges;
  • Asymmetric closure;
  • Secure ties on the inside.

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