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“Leprechaun” Boots

Celtic Inspired Irish Leather Boots


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“Leprechaun” Boots

Celtic Inspired Irish Leather Boots

There is something very enticing about Celtic folklore. Ireland is a country rich with history, stories, and romantic quality that is difficult not to fall in love with. Beautiful shades of green, lush natural environments and a hint of magic make Medieval Ireland truly stunning. Be careful of the creatures of folktales and the fairies, though – they aren’t the friendly creatures you read about in foolish children’s books. They aim to trick and manipulate mere mortals for their own enjoyment.

These beautiful boots are a part of our new collection inspired by Leprechauns and the celts – a part of history and mythology that we find truly inspiring. To create these items we have taken our favorite parts of folklore and Ireland’s history to produce a well-designed line of items that will fit well into any costumer’s wardrobe.

Shoes are a very overlooked aspect of the medieval wardrobe. They are often the last thing that people think about when putting together a costume, which we find surprising given the massive impact that a good pair of boots can have on a costume. Medieval footwear has a completely different profile than modern shoes, for example, they are much less likely to have any variety of heel, and instead sit quite flat against the ground. You’ll be amazed how much this slight difference in your posture creates a whole different image for your clothing!

Another reason that people often avoid medieval footwear is the common misconception that it is not actually comfortable. Here at ArmStreet, we have combined the medieval aesthetic with modern shoemaking techniques, to create the ultimate shoe that looks great and feels like modern footwear. This means that you can spend more time wearing shoes without getting uncomfortable. These modern techniques also mean that our shoes will stand the test of time and last more similarly to a modern shoe, unlike many re-enactment shoes that wear out quite quickly.

These lovely Irish boots appear slender and handsome, with a pointed toe that is distinct but not long enough to get in the way or affect the way you walk. They lace up the sides, which make them quite easy to slip on and off and secure. The top of the boot goes up just past your ankle, which flares out in a way that is reminiscent of fantasy sources and gives them quite a unique look.

They are made from green leather that is durable and rigid yet still supple. They start out quite stiff but begin to mold to the shape of your feet with wear. The inside of the shoes is lined with contrasting brown leather, which prolongs the life of the shoes compared to lining made from other materials. The lining also looks fantastic and adds a little bit of extra color and texture to your costume. The durable outsole of the shoes is reinforced with a rubber stick-on layer, which will help prevent you from slipping and assist the shoes in standing up to modern roads and wool floors (anyone who has worn leather soled medieval shoes knows how slippery they can be!).

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  • 100% natural leather;
  • Modern outersoles;
  • Rubber stick-on layer;
  • Laces.


  • Comfortable fit due to modern shoemaking;
  • Medieval aesthetic;
  • Celtic history inspired;
  • Slightly elongated toes;
  • Lateral lacing;
  • Contrasting leather lining;
  • Ankle high.

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1 Comment

  • Dianne 28 of August 2019:

    Can I water proof these shoes with mink oil or are they more suede like?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Dianne, we do not recommend to water proof them. matted leather can be defected. 

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