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“Leprechaun” Leather Bracelet

Lucky bracelet with Celtic symbol coin


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“Leprechaun” Leather Bracelet

Lucky leather Irish bracelet with Celtic symbol coin

The world is a scary place, and it is usually best to find your own luck. Some people choose to chase superstition and follow the rainbow, hoping to find a pot of gold and endless riches at the end of it. Some people go through life hunting for four-leaf clovers and praying for good luck. We think it’s best to carry your luck with you, which is why we have created this bracelet!

This piece of jewelry is a part of our “Leprechaun” collection, a new series of items inspired by medieval Ireland, folklore, and Celtic history. We have used lush green fabrics, beautiful leathers, deeply etched brass and a variety of different knotwork motifs throughout the collection to create a bunch of items that will inspire everyone with a love of fairies and history.

This bracelet wraps twice around your wrist and does up with a brass button stud. It is 2cm (25/32") wide and is embossed with a beautiful Celtic knotwork pattern, inspired by historical sources and perfected by our talented artists. Near the middle of the bracelet, it has a small coin attached, meaning you can carry good luck and fortune with you wherever you go! It is made from brass and etched with two designs: a four-leaf clover on one side, and a triskelion on the other. The four-leaf clover represents luck and is a very common symbol associated with superstition, leprechauns, and good fortune. The triskelion is a Celtic symbol representing a number of things, but mostly the idea of motion, moving forward, and progress.

One thing we love about this design is that it is modern yet medieval. It would look fantastic with a medieval costume but looks equally fantastic as a piece of modern jewelry. It is simple, classy and made from quality materials.

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  • Natural leather;
  • Brass.


  • Modern yet medieval design;
  • ArmStreet exclusive;
  • Celtic knotwork embossing;
  • Brass pin closure;
  • Lucky coin attached;
  • Wraps twice around the wrist.

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1 feedback

  • Katia 18 of October 2020:

    Nice, solid leather bracelet, multi-purpose (I wear it mostly as a choker). There was a minor problem with the size, but after-sales service was super-responsive. Good product, and affordable too!

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