“Fireside Family” Headpiece

Female muslin headpiece


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Square muslin medieval headpiece “Fireside Family”

“Fireside Family” Headpiece for Women

We have created our collection “Fireside Family” in the tradition of the 11th and 12th centuries. It features simple and close-to-authentic designs and fabrics of less bright colors. There is a range of items for each family member. And we'd be happy to play a part in your family tradition by helping in the creation of the special family look.

This headpiece is one of the essential garments, especially if your hair is long and rebel or the weather is hot or chilly. In medieval times, women were obliged to cover their heads showing their modesty. Long dresses and hoods or chaperons were in every female wardrobe. Nowadays it is no more an obligation but a bare necessity, so we also include such headpieces in our collection.

Our “Fireside Family” headpiece is made of muslin. This is a new material we've got recently to experiment with. As usual, we prefer natural materials that are pleasant to touch and comfortable to wear. With such a garment, you will feel comfortable even on hot summer days. And it will protect you from minor evening wind as well. It has the shape of a square. Muslin itself consists of two layers. The ends of it are loosened and sewn back together very close to the edge.

We hope you will be as excited with our new material and the delicate piece we have made of it as we were while creating it. And it's completely up to you how exactly you would like to wear it. Prepare your special family look with our “Fireside Family” collection and enjoy your Medieval vacation.

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  • Muslin.

Chaperone features:

  • Medieval style headwear;
  • Versatile applications;
  • Size: 65*65cm (25 ¹⁹/₃₂*25 ¹⁹/₃₂).

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