Medieval Apron “Fireside Family”

Linen apron for women's dress


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Linen apron with fringe “Fireside Family” 

Linen apron for your medieval dress

We have been working on “Fireside Family” collection that includes a variety of garments for parents and children. This collection is meant to help you with creating a Medieval look for your whole family at any Medieval festival. We want to design beautiful and at the same time practical clothes, shoes, and accessories for your whole family.

This apron is a great example of the combination of beauty and practicality. Coming from the French “a napron” meaning a small tablecloth, “an apron” was popular at all times. The fertility goddess wore it in Ancient Crete. In the Middle Ages, this garment was used mostly by farm girls, midwives, and market women who wanted to protect their dresses. It could even indicate the trade of its owner. The color and material would show their occupation. Blacksmiths had aprons made of leather, X-ray technicians used some made of rubber or lead while cotton, linen, or canvas aprons were used by tradesmen and artisans.

Aprons kept their popularity till the XX century. Then, domestic goddesses were important characters of contemporary movies. Not only mothers used such garments. Fathers would as well use it when they grill something outside. And we also have created this symbol of warmth, practicality, sentiment, and hospitality for you. “Fireside Family” apron is a fine flax linen rectangle that is sewn to a tie. The bottom part is decorated with fringe.

Enjoy using such garments during walks at Medieval festivals. It can help you while cooking so that you do not need to take hot pots with bare hands. Or it can serve you as a towel, napkin, or even a basket where you can carry apples, apricots, or other harvests. Make your special Medieval look with the apron and keep your beautiful tunic clean underneath.

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  • 100% fine flax linen.


  • Basic apron;
  • Functional;
  • Great Medieval accessory;
  • Fringe.

Dimensions S/M:

  • 32cm (12 ¹⁹/₃₂") at the top;
  • 1m (39 ³/₈") at the bottom;
  • 2cm (²⁵/₃₂") fringe;
  • 2m (78 ⁴⁷/₆₄") waist length.

Dimensions L/XL:

  • 45cm (17 ²³/₃₂") at the top;
  • 1m (39 ³/₈") at the bottom;
  • 2cm (²⁵/₃₂") fringe;
  • 2.5m (98 ²⁷/₆₄") waist length.

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