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“Fireside Family” kids’ apron

Linen apron with fringe

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Linen Apron with Fringe for Children “Fireside Family”

Linen apron with fringe

Working on the “Fireside Family” collection, we decided to combine garments for every member of a Medieval family. Tradesmen and farmers as well as their young copies can find clothes to their taste. In this collection, we use similar designs, but each piece is specially adjusted for each family member. You can find tunics and pants for fathers and for sons along with dresses for mothers and daughters. Besides, there are accessories and bags that would be useful for everybody.

Producing children’s clothes, we want to keep them breathable, comfortable, and able to endure activities kids find. We know that you try to keep them tidy and usually it is easy with a washing machine. However, it is not always good for some garments to be washed every day. And during Medieval festivals and family trips, you would not like to wash clothes that often. But it is still necessary to make sure that kids look neat without limiting their possibilities to have fun.

We have found a good solution for you. Take a look at this apron you can put on your kid and forget about all the worries. Your child can play at Medieval festivals and keep their cute tunics clean underneath. Your small offspring can help with campfire and cooking when you are out camping. And then upon returning home, they might want to continue making food at home. You can see then as well how useful aprons can be. First used in the Middle Ages, they were appreciated throughout the whole history.

For our “Fireside Family” apron, we use fine flax linen. It is a natural material we prefer for undergarments. It is soft, light, and pleasant to touch. Another advantage of this material is its ability to dry quickly. Just wash it and some hours later it will be ready again to protect your kid’s clothes. Besides, flax linen is environmentally friendly. It does not need much power for production, and it is easy to recycle.

The apron is the shape of a rectangle that is sewn to a tie and decorated by fringe at the bottom. We hope that your children will like our apron and you will be happy to see them playing and keeping their clothes neat.

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Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 100% flax linen.


  • Basic apron;
  • Functional;
  • Great medieval accessory;
  • 2 cm fringe.

Apron lengths depending on the size:

  • 98-104 – 47cm (18 ¹/₂);
  • 110-116 – 56cm (22 ³/₆₄ ");
  • 122-128 – 65cm (25 ¹⁹/₃₂ ");
  • 134-140 – 74,5cm (29 ²¹/₆₄ ");
  • 146-152 – 83,5cm (32 ⁷/₈ ").

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