ArmStreet at Pennsic 45

August 18, 2016

This Pennsic was a lot of fun, meeting with old and new friends. And - it was hot! Really hot!

“Franks” dress matching jewelry collection

March 14, 2016

Enjoy our new jewelry collection: “Trefoil” bracelet, circlet and two versions of earrings. Elegant cut-through brass work accessories will complete the look of your ancient costume.

“Knight of Fortune” armor collection

January 11, 2016

Here comes "Knight of Fortune collection" - a full kit of plate armour with brigandine and a lot of gear: SCA and historically accurate helmets, bucklers, gambeson and decorative halberd.

The Viking Ornaments: Six Major Styles

October 17, 2015

Vikings! Hearing this word, many people imagine some kind of uneducated barbarians who only know about eating, drinking, fighting and looting everything they can. But real Vikings actually had a rich culture and made some amazing works of art. Today we shall take a look at the history of their ornaments.

New products in our store: shield bosses

October 15, 2015

Long-expected Viking's (and not only Viking's) stainless steel bosses with brass accent. Spend your winter-time by making your own shield and decorate it with beautifully etched ArmStreet's shield boss.

What's about linen? History and interesting facts

June 26, 2015

As we, at ArmStreet, are making a lot of our garments from linen, it is probably the time to explain why it is always our first choice for a lot of purposes – and why we are actually love it so much.

European Armor Arms circa XIV

January 19, 2015

XIV century European combat arms: historically accurate and great for sport usage armor. Pauldrons, arms and legs kit

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