ArmStreet giveaway #1: the “Wanderer” dress

May 12, 2020

Please note – this is our first giveaway so we decided to please our existing customers first. It means you have to have already at least one item bought from ArmStreet either online or at events. And be ready to share your experience with others. These are the prerequisites.
And a tip: set up an account so your feedback will be visible immediately (we pre-moderate feedbacks and comments left by unregistered users for security reasons).

Fantasy Dress “Wanderer” Linen Robe Fantasy Dress “Wanderer” Linen Robe

To get a chance to win the "Wanderer" dress (or the equivalent code) you have to:

  1. Leave a feedback on our website for any item you own. We encourage you to be honest and give as much information as possible about your experience and your item.
  2. Screenshot your feedback and attach it to this blog post's comment hereunder. Or you can just mention your name and the link to the page where you've left your feedback in a comment to this entry – that’s it.
  3. We will run a randomizer at 3 PM EDT (NY USA) on May, 16 - 2020 (Saturday) and the number drawn will be a number of the winning comment. Just for the reference, this is 12 PM PDT (LA), 9 PM GMT+2 (Berlin) or 8 PM GMT+1 (London). That's not really important, anyway, we will post results both here and on our Facebook page

Extra tip – have more items? Leave more feedbacks and post a new comment for each of them. Good luck!

Fantasy Dress “Wanderer” Linen Robe Fantasy Dress “Wanderer” Linen Robe Fantasy Dress “Wanderer” Linen Robe

Updated on May, 16

Check this table for all participants and their reviews

And a lucky winner is Akila, whose feedback #217 on our list says: "I purchased the burgundy dress, and my goodness it is stunning. The pleats in the skirt make it fit the waist but still have a skirt that you will never want to stop twirling!"

Congratulations, Akila!