“Sea Born” collection

June 10, 2021

The entire collection is united by the theme of big water: seas, oceans, unfathomed deep and coastlines. You can spot wave ridges in the pattern of the unique trim designed in-house by our talented art and design team. You can even gasp in the mistaken belief the seahorse is a living creature and not an earring made of brass and decorated with carefully selected teints of enamel. You can expect the painstakingly embroidered mermaids on the limited edition woolen bliaut to come to life when the sky is aglow with the setting sun. Same as starfish, they are the result of hours, days and even weeks of laying of tiny beautiful stitches made by hand by our most professional embroideress.

“Sea Born” collection

Inspired by the popular in the 12th century bliaut type of clothing, the collection recalls late Romanesque style both in a fundamental aspect of garments' patterns and in finishing details. The central piece of the line, bliaut, and the cape both have a strong connection with the byzantine style. Marine-themed details were typical for almost every coastal people of the Mediterranean. However, even with such a strict determination of historical reference, you would be surprised to see clothing by ArmStreet without our signature "rethink" twist, won't you? Historical patterns ameliorated and adjusted for the modern statures, finishing touches brought to perfection, thread and needle used with the same finesse the talented artist use paint and brush... We can go into infinity so let's better have closer look at the "Sea Born" collection!

“Sea Born” collection

The pick of the basket, of course, is the limited woolen bliaut "Mermaid". We will produce only a few of those, each complemented with the unique Mermaid pendant representing the serial number of the collectable clothing. Natural silk lining, thousands of tiny stitches, beads and beautiful soft natural wool, all are assembled to create one of the most charismatic dresses we've ever created.

Limited edition embroidered woolen bliaut "Mermaid"

Limited edition embroidered woolen bliaut "Mermaid" Limited edition embroidered woolen bliaut "Mermaid" Limited edition embroidered woolen bliaut "Mermaid" Limited edition embroidered woolen bliaut "Mermaid"

A more casual, basic version of bliaut also features high quality soft natural wool and is a beautiful over-garment with flared sleeves. Regular "Sea Born" bliaut has artificial silk lining, a mid-calf length and decorative stitches along the signature rhombus inserts on the sleeves. Lateral lacing and fitted upper part of the dress work together to emphasize body curves without restricting movements.

Woolen Bliaut “Sea Born” overdress for women Woolen Bliaut “Sea Born” overdress for women

Long simple T-shaped tunic was typical for Europe starting from the 9th century. This one is made of natural flax linen and is an unbeatable middle layer for the complex look or a sustainable independent garment if you choose to go light. Unique trim with wave ridges borders neckline, sleeves and hem of this floor length dress.

Flax linen tunic dress “Sea Born”

Flax linen tunic dress “Sea Born” Flax linen tunic dress “Sea Born” Flax linen tunic dress “Sea Born” Flax linen tunic dress “Sea Born”

Both versions of the fine linen underdress feature very unusual sleeves – they are cut bias, they are extremely long and you can drape them on your arms as you like. The sleeves are a single entity with the upper part of the undertunic. V-shaped neckline is decorated either with natural colour thread stitching or with mouline meander embroidery.

Flax linen undertunic with hand embroidery “Sea Born”

Flax linen undertunic “Sea Born” Flax linen undertunic with hand embroidery “Sea Born”

Soft wool of deep colour is used for this byzantine style cape. It will come in handy for coastal walks in chilly weather. Drape it with the help of fibula or just wrap yourself into this semicircle of pleasantly tactile fabric and get those cosy and sheltered feelings regardless of storms around, literal and metaphorical alike.

Wool cape with Nautilus shell trim “Sea Born” Wool cape with Nautilus shell trim “Sea Born”

The belt is always a great addition to any medieval or fantasy costume. That's why for this series we've designed two :) Both a wide belt to go with bliaut and a more narrow belt to go with tunic are made according to the same technology: two layers of trim are assembled with the help of tiny piping along sides and decorated with fringe at the ends. The difference is in trim used and in fringe - for the wider belt the fringe is made of beads, while the narrow has mouline fringe. The belts are very long and are expected to be wrapped twice around your torso.

Nautilus fabric belt with beaded fringe “Sea Born” Long fabric belt “Sea Born” with waves Nautilus fabric belt with beaded fringe “Sea Born”

The concluding chord of the ocean symphony is the set of the most beautiful marine-themed accessories you've ever seen. The refined lines of those sea creatures have brought us to a whole new level of means of expression by laser cut brass and enamel. Seahorse earring, nautilus shell earring, starfish fibula and mermaid pendant can magically turn your favourite dress or tunic into a mermaid costume!

Enamel and brass seahorse earrings “Sea Born” Brass and enamel ocean earrings “Sea Born”
Enamel and brass ocean mermaid pendant “Sea Born” “Sea Born” collection Enamel and brass cloak Starfish Fibula “Sea Born”

The sea is calling. Would you respond?

“Sea Born” collection