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“Mermaid” Limited Edition Bliaut

Embroidered wool and silk gown

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"Mermaid" Limited Edition Embroidered Bliaut

Wool and silk gown

This limited edition, specialty coat is the most luxurious item from our new “Sea Born” collection. If you have dreams about wandering along the misty beach at sunrise, dancing through the waves, or going for walks along windy seaside cliffs, you’re going to feel a connection to this collection! Inspired by the colors of sea creatures and imagery from the sea, all of the items you’ll find in “Sea Born” evoke a sense of playful calm that you’ll only find in the ocean.

The traditional name for this type of coat is “bliaut”, and it was a particularly common design to find in Western Europe in the early medieval period, especially places like France. This is meant to be one of the final layers that you put on, over top of an underdress, chemise, and other undergarments. This type of garment was often between knee or floor length and adorned with trim and other embellishments to make it stand out.

This bliaut is the most luxurious piece of outerwear available at ArmStreet, from the perfect tailoring and high-quality fabric down to the dozens of hours of meticulous embroidery. This bliaut is similar to historical designs but adapted to make it easier to fit on the modern figure. It has side lacing which makes it easier to slip on and off, but still keeps the same silhouette as similar historical gowns. It is quite fitted across the bust, waist, and shoulders, and has long, draping sleeves with additional gore paneling to increase their volume, which gives them that distinct early-medieval look. It is just below the knees in length, and really is a stunning top layer on top of your dress.

There are so many aspects of this garment that make it one of the most complex, special things we have ever created. It is made with premium material, including a natural silk lining that is only available in limited quantities. Literally weeks of work have gone into the embroidery, which is completed by our master embroiderer who is the only one skilled enough in our workshop to complete such complex work. Not only is every single stitch and bead is applied by hand, but each bit of embroidery must be drafted new for each garment that we sell because depending on the size of the customer, the amount of embroidery around the neckline and bottom will change slightly. Our embroiderer works incredibly hard to ensure that each and every garment that she completes is the best thing she has ever worked on, with immense attention and care paid to each and every stitch. We are confident that you will never find a garment quite this perfect again in your life! Every item purchased will be personally supervised by our art director.

Embroidery features in a number of places on this garment. Along the bottom of the draping sleeves, there are beautiful swirls that are reminiscent of the gentle turbulence of the ocean, twisting their way along the sleeve hem. Simpler herringbone embroidery also features up the stitching on the gusset. Along the bottom of the dress is a larger, more imaginative version of the wave embroidery, which is realized as larger swirls and twisting shapes punctuated with the occasional creature, such as a mermaid - four in total. The most amazing part is probably the neck embroidery, which features a panel of contrasting silk stitched with brightly colored starfish and twisting waves, with tiny beads adorning them. All of the embroidery is completed using French moulin cotton embroidery thread, and the inside of the embroidery is protected by silk lining on the inside of the garment.

This bliaut is crafted from fine wool and silk and is being created in a limited run due to the availability of the special fabric as well as the sheer amount of time it takes to create. As an added bonus, each bliaut purchased comes with a limited-edition mermaid pendant in the shape of the number ordered, to forever commemorate your amazing and exclusive ArmStreet purchase. If you have any questions, please contact our customer support and they’ll be happy to speak to you about this lovely gown.

Please note that the manufacturing delay stated is the pure amount of time required to create one item of this unique garment. In case of multiple orders of the limited edition bliaut at the same time, the delay may increase significantly as there is only one embroiderer of such a high professional skill available. But we are absolutely sure that it is worth waiting!

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Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Natural wool;
  • Natural silk;
  • French cotton mouline thread;
  • Tiny beads.


  • 2 sold, 8 left. Preorder now and we will start your new dress by the end of April;
  • Limited edition fabric;
  • Weeks of hand-embroidery work;
  • Silk lining;
  • Warm wool outer;
  • Mermaid, starfish and wave embroidery;
  • Tiny beaded embellishments;
  • Historically inspired.

What's included?

  • Woolen bliaut;
  • One-of-a-kind enamelled mermaid pendant;
  • Trim belt.

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  • Rebekah 02 of July 2021:

    Wish I had the money and could pull off orange. This looks amazing. :)

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