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Medieval Knight Armor Sca Functional Suit

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Medieval Knight Armor Sca Functional Suit

ArmStreet's full kit of Medieval Knight armor

This kit's design is a result of few years of improvement of our skills. Late 15 century style. Gothic knight armor is one of the most complicated and beautiful ones. This kit is completely wearable and functional. All armor pieces represented at photos are included. Chainmail is not included.

Full set shipping price may vary depending on your measurements. If your size is more then XXL please email us your measurements stated in order form to estimate shipping price to your destination.

Basically comes in mild steel (cold-rolled) 16 ga with mild steel (cold-rolled) 14 ga helmet. Upgrade to stainless steel available upon request for $450 extra.

Also there are few pieces you may be need for your Medieval Knight armor, which are not included to price: gambeson and choses.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

IMPORTANT: To fit correctly and prevent injury, a suit of armour must be accurately built to the measurements of the person wearing it. PLEASE take all measurements over either the gambeson or under-padding you are planning to wear with this armour. The sole exception is for persons buying armour and padding together, ArmStreet will then make the proper size adjustments for the armour based on the measurements provided for the padding. For size measurements for sabatons, please send the actual measurements of the footwear you plan to wear under them.

Medieval Martial Arts are, by their very nature, dangerous and ArmStreet is not responsible for any injuries sustained by persons wearing their armour during the course of such activities. We cannot stress enough the importance of proper training, armour, weapons and knowledgeable supervision during these activities. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the wearer and their opponent for the safety of the participants.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Safety disclaimer: Sword-fighting and fencing is a dangerous sport. Fencing, historical fencing, medieval reenactment and martial arts as well as other related types of activity, are inherently connected to a certain risk level of injuries or death. The Company declines all responsibility for any traumas or harm done to oneself or to the third person, along with any material or consequential damage, impaired during the products usage. We admonish that all acts with armour, weapons or their components have to be performed before designated person who is responsible for safety of the particular event and accredited to supervise armour and sport weapon conformance to the event’s standards.

Included in the Medieval Knight kit:

  • Helmet (can be replaced with another type for your choice)
  • Front and back plates i.e full body cuirass
  • Pauldrons with large shoulder-blade plates
  • Armor arms (small internal leafs available upon request to meet SCA requirements for elbow bone protection)
  • Gauntlets
  • Armor legs (small internal leafs available upon request to meet SCA requirements for knee bone protection)
  • Armor front greaves (full-round greaves are available upon request)

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  • Michael Moody 31 of October 2015:

    The faulds look like they are jutting out far away from the waist. Is it possible to have this cuirass made with faulds falling closer to the body?

    ArmStreet team:

    Fit of the faulds cannot be changed, as this is structural feature of the armor, sorry. Paladin armor kit has the faulds falling closer to body, it can also be made without etching upon request.

  • blake 05 of July 2015:

    Would this armour be suitable for battle of nations or could you make some that are

    ArmStreet team:

    Yes, the set should meet all BotN standards, when combined with the underarmor padding, choses and arming cap.

  • Dale 22 of March 2015:

    Awesome products. Can this particular suit of armor be etched? Can you do full upper and lower legs? I am 6' 4 1/2" , 283 pounds. What are you're size limits? Thanks Dale

    ArmStreet team:

    This armour suit can not be etched, sorry. We can make it to fit your measurements, no extra.

  • Carson 16 of September 2014:

    Hello Armstreet crew- Does this armor set come with sabatons as pictured? How much will full round greaves add to the cost? How much will the arm and leg leafs, for SCA, add to the cost? I am interested in switching the bellows face helmet for the hounskull, in stainless steel. Will this substitution change the price any? Thank you, Carson

    ArmStreet team:

    Sabatons are not included.
    Full round greaves - $150 extra.
    If you order full set at once, SCA-adjusting of the leafs is free.
    Hounskull helmet - $230 extra (since it has two visors, and extra for stainless steel is already included).

  • Michael Moody 09 of September 2014:

    Is it possible to get the shoulders, arms and legs pieces of this kit only? I'd like to use them for a film. Also, I'd like the pieces in 18 ga stainless if that is possible.

    ArmStreet team:

    This is doable, please contact us at to get the discount.

  • Scott 25 of May 2014:

    If I wanted to substitute the sallet as a helmet, would it change the price? Could a matching bevor be provided, and would that change the price?

    ArmStreet team:

    This cuirass cannot be made with bevor, thus sallet is not an option, sorry.

  • Mr. Movie Maker 02 of May 2013:

    This place is awsome for wardrobe for movies. Is the chain mail included with the armor though?

    ArmStreet team:

    Thank you! Chainmail is not included, we do not produce it for sale, sorry.

  • spartan91 30 of August 2012:

    hi i was wondering, can it be ordered with chain mail (riveted links preferably)? and is it available in black stainless steel?

    ArmStreet team:

    Chainmail is not available.
    To date we don't make blackening, sorry.

  • Jobe Allen 07 of August 2012:

    Awesome!! I want one. I will have one. I will be buried in one!!

  • edmund 23 of July 2012:

    beautiful work on the whole suit love the fluting. do the breastplates and back plates articulate or is the multi layer of plates just for looks

    ArmStreet team:

    The plates of the breastplate are static, they move only together.
    Not for look, but for historical accuracy.

  • Ian 22 of June 2012:

    Hi there. is it possible to order JUST the legs arms and pauldrons of this piece? I'm in need of some for the harness I am making and these seem to capture the look I'm after yet I dont see them listed elsewhere on the site. Thank you!!!

    ArmStreet team:

    Arms, legs and pauldrons from this set are listed here.

  • Steve 20 of January 2011:

    You work in a profession that some of us only aspire to dream of. Beautiful armour. Can some of this armour be changed? Example: I personally like full canons on the lower leg, would it be possible to add these?

    ArmStreet team:

    Full cannons are available for $150 extra. You're welcome!

  • Ain 12 of January 2011:

    Does it come with a squire as well?

    ArmStreet team:

    Squire is not included, sorry :D

  • wrongidea 01 of December 2010:

    i should wear it to school to scare all the little kids

  • Tamer 12 of November 2010:

    Wow looks heavy but I'm imagining my self walking at New York streets with that. Everybody would run away

  • Dragon95 11 of November 2010:

    WoW!!! :0 AMAZING!

  • Gabriel 15 of October 2010:

    Nice *-*

    ArmStreet team:

    Thank you, Gabriel!

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1 feedback

  • ben 07 of October 2012:

    received the harness to that suit very nice and elegant nice job

    ArmStreet team:

    Thank you for feedback!

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