ArmStreet Clothing – Feel the Difference

August 7, 2019

If you attend medieval festivals in Europe, North America or Australia – you have certainly met people wearing ArmStreet clothing. Probably a lot of people. Perhaps you even were one of them :)

Viking Hood "Ingrid" Men's Long Sleeve Tunic

As one of our customers wrote after coming back from an event - “It was partly an Armstreet fashion show!”. And there are good reasons why our medieval clothing becomes more and more popular. In addition to the most obvious one - it just looks great - there are several more, and today we are going to tell you what they are.

ArmStreet Outfit

So, what is so special about ArmStreet clothing, that an untrained eye might not notice?

1. Natural fabric. We use natural fabric only. No blends, no synthetics. People who are into tailoring know the difference in price and quality. Our primary choice is linen and one can find a lot of clothing made of linen fabric in our e-shop. We have already told you about this great material, and why it is so great: it keeps you cool and dry in summer, keeps warmth in winter, has significant longevity and is just very pleasant and good-looking. 

But not only linen is there: we also work with cotton, wool, velvet, chiffon, batiste, silk, brocade, canvas, marquisette and other fabrics. What unites them is the fact that all of them are natural and carefully selected from the best suppliers we could find.

By the way, if you love linen as much as we do you can use a filter on our web to find everything that is made of this material.

Linen Dress "Fairy Tale"  “Ingrid the Hearthkeeper” Linen Dress
“Prince Gilderoy” Long Linen Tunic “Prince Gilderoy” Long Linen Tunic

2. Fabric quantity. We use more fabric. Occasionally several times more compared to the other medieval clothing one can find on the market. We use as much fabric as we want, using extra gores and making extra wide skirts.

For example a typical chemise requires 3 yards of fabric. We spend 4 and more, not trying to save on wide sleeves and other parts. As a result even our simple dresses and tunics need almost twice more fabric than those belonging to the economy class, but what you get in the end - is wide and gorgeously flowing dress. This is exactly what medieval clothing should be for the money you pay. Without compromise! 

Medieval Dress “Green Sleeves” “Renaissance Memories” Dress “Snow White” Corset Skirt

3. Exclusive trim. We design ornaments and create our own trims inspired by historical findings and images from the Medieval period. Although the process is well-organized it is still very time-consuming and sometimes we need many attempts to achieve the results we are satisfied with. Our designers spend hours making researches, playing with colors and coordinating everything with the manufacture.

The outcome is - our customers get unique, one of a kind trim designs that are historically inspired on their clothing. And there is more we can offer and have experience with: we can create personalized trim with insignia for large teams and groups - read more about it here.

“Renaissance Memories” Dress Trim “Princess in Exile” Dress Trim “Lady of the Lake” Dress Trim

4. Tailoring technique and finishing. We use fashion-grade tailoring and quality standards, applying them to your medieval style clothing. When possible, we are trying to avoid overlock seams, replacing them with significantly more labour-intensive flat-felled or French seams.

“This is a minor detail!” someone might say. Well, we believe the details matter. Our seams are made to look and feel perfect when you are wearing your medieval costume at the festival you have been preparing for for a long time. And our quality standards are on the highest top.

Just as an example of our attention to details, we make our own lacing for the dresses like “Archeress”, “Green Sleeves” and “Renaissance Memories”. When we can’t find something in a proper quality we order custom or make it on our own.

Seams on an ArmStreet Viking Tunic Seams on an ArmStreet Chemise
Seams on an ArmStreet Roman Tunic Seams on a random regular jeans

Seams on ArmStreet clothing and on a random regular jeans for comparison

5. Decorative handmade seams and embroidery. There is a lot of hand stitching in our items, like decorative zigzag hand stitches with floral elements along the neckline on the “Labyrinth” robe, handmade patches on the “Halloween” tunic and the hand-embroidery on the “Fairy Tale” dresses.

“Labyrinth” Linen Tunic Witch Halloween Chemise “Fairy Tale” Adorned Sleeves Dress

In our time we are corrupted by mass production, which, of course, is very convenient. In the past however one would personally deal with those who were about to make the clothing or footwear, and both custom making and manual work were a standard. Hardly anyone can argue that under such conditions the attitude towards clothing was different both for those who wore it and for those who manufactured it. Here in ArmStreet we enliven history not only by what we create, but also by the passion with which we do it and by the traditional approach akin to what our ancestors had.

The result is - with us you always get more than you have paid for.