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Linen Tunic “Labyrinth”

Linen Tunic “Labyrinth”
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Sackcloth flax linen

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Linen Tunic “Labyrinth”

Fantasy robe with adjustable flared sleeves

By tradition, each year on the eve of All Saints' Day, ArmStreet designer gives a fascinating surprise to our fans. Limited festive collections contain versatile items, which are suitable for creating a wide variety of looks, such as the tunic from our new “Labyrinth” collection!

By combining two types of fabric - dense flax and fine sackcloth linen - the tunic features non-transparency and thus may serve not only as an undershirt but also as a main and independent element of the suit while the flowing sleeves create an ephemeral effect. Perfect fit for summers - it will keep you cool and looking sharp. Decorative zigzag hand stitches with floral elements along the neckline of the tunic can be a talisman of your tribe or a sign of your secret vows. Long sharp-angled sleeves flutter in the wind but can be adjusted to any length up to the biceps by pulling a drawstring up. Thus, your readiness to perform a magic ritual is a matter of seconds. Super full skirt and free cutting are very convenient for active walks - perfect for a pilgrim, whose pace is fast, or for an outlander who hides mystical artifacts in the folds of her clothes.

The time has come to decide - who is your hero? Is he a schemer, making сold-blooded plans to poison the King? Or maybe a humble cleric praying for peace? It doesn’t actually matter whether you’ve just come from the desert planet like Tatooine or need to finish the secret druid ritual, this simple flattering natural flax linen robe will be a great central part of your wardrobe. Let's build the castles in the air in style!


  • Natural unbleached flax - tunic;
  • Semitransparent fine linen - sleeves;
  • Cotton thread - seams on the neck.


  • Slimline silhouette;
  • Rounded neckline;
  • Decorative hand-seams on the neckline;
  • Full skirt with 3 extra gores;
  • Long sharp-angled sleeves;
  • Drawstring, allowing to adjust the length of the sleeves.

Although the tunic is a classic piece that sits well on its own, there’s no reason to leave it bare all the time. Give it a boost with the cloak and accessories from the “Labyrinth” collection, and see how they can add some extra class and style to your look.

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Michelle Jones:

Is it possible to have this made in the royal blue color with white sleeves?

ArmStreet team:

This particular dress cannot be made in any other colour than the one at the photos. We can offer you our Archeress Dress in Blue or Midnight blue with White Archeress Chemise.

Stefanie Cunningham:

Beautiful!! (I've come to expect nothing less from Armstreet!) Hoping the head band might be available sometime as well? :)

ArmStreet team:

Thank you for your kind words! :)
Sure, all the accessories are coming soon, stay tuned!

Charlotta B.:

Oooh! Please tell me it's the "Arceress" chemise cut, but in the "Wanderer" materials!? Love it! On that note though: Does "Dry-clean only" apply for this one as well, like it does for the "Wanderer" robe?

ArmStreet team:

Yes, the chemise has the Archeress chemise cut and made of the same material as the Wanderer dress. :)
Yes, the dry-clean only note applies for this tunic as well.

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