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Black Medieval Cloak “Labyrinth”

Hooded cloak with cotton hand stitching


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Black Woolen Cloak “Labyrinth”

Hooded medieval cloak with cotton hand stitching

Have you already fallen to the dark side of the force? Then this cloak is perfect to set the style. True black is the obvious choice, and you’ll get more mileage out of color than you’d think. Being both strict and mysterious the dark character's cloak will come in handy for any event, be it a photoset, a LARP-event or a renaissance fair, you name it!

It's made of premium-quality warm wool to protect you from the chilly draughts and constantly blasting cold air. The wool is dense but smooth and soft to the touch, suitable for everyday use without discomfort. This cloak style drapes nicely over the front of your shoulders and arms and can easily be held closed to block the wind or keep warm for brief periods. 3/4 circle cut makes the cloak look amazing from all angles. Becoming a villain-like character won't take long, just put on a long dark cloak with a deep hood concealing your face and thoughts. All seams from the inside of the hood are covered with cotton fabric of the same color.

The edges are decorated in a similar manner to the matching tunic, embellished with the impeccable hand stitching. The cloak closes with the intricate woven hempen toggles and a wooden button, both handmade with great attention to detail. 

An undoubtedly cool item to add a bit of wild and desertlike flair to your look. We pair this cloak with Linen Tunic “Labyrinth” to offset the tunic’s fitted silhouette. Combine with other items from the “Labyrinth” collection for a stunning effect!

Please note that Dark blue wool has a very dark shade, that may appear black under electric light indoors.

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  • Natural wool;
  • Cotton inner accents;
  • Cotton thread;
  • Wooden button.


  • 3/4 circle cut;
  • Deep hood;
  • Cotton hand stitching;
  • Woven toggles closure;
  • Standard length 55 1/8" (140 cm), please let us know if you want it shorter.

This item is part of the “Labyrinth” collection

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  • LAUREN DILLON 18 of November 2018:

    is it possible to make this cloak in brown wool or grey ? I REALLY LIKE THESE COLORS ?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Yes, you are welcome to order any color you like here

  • Margie Saccomanno 30 of January 2017:

    Hello my friends, Just out for this years cloak shopping. Could you please tell me the sweep on this one? It's beautiful. Thanks & God Bless, Margi

    ArmStreet team:

    This is a 3/4 cut cloak, it is about 6 m wide across the hem.

  • Richard 10 of December 2016:

    Hi I am 6 feet 2 inches tall, is there a wool cloak that is long enough for me in your range? Regards Richard

    ArmStreet team:

    The maximum length of the cloaks from the seam that connects the hood and the cloak itself to the hem is 150 cm (59 in) due to the width of fabric. That is, it may be a bit short on the sides for someone whose height is over 180 cm (5'10").

    I would recommend you one of our men`s cloaks, which are 150 cm long, they won`t touch the ground, but should look really good:
    - Medieval Woolen Black Cloak “Raven”
    - Medieval Fantasy Lined Cloak “Knight of the West”

  • Annika 20 of November 2016:

    When standing with your arms by your side - does the cloak fall "closed", or is it sewn like some of your other cloaks that fall open to show the garments underneath? I love my Armstreet cloak, but for cold weather, I really want something that doesn't have to be held closed by my hands. Could you possibly add a picture of the model just standing straight up, not trying to show the undergarment? :)

    ArmStreet team:

    The cloak has 3/4 circle cut like many of our other cloaks, and as it has just one clasp, it won`t be absolutely closed while you wear it. Though it is wide enough and maybe if we add a couple of additional clasps, that could save the day.

  • Hayley 15 of November 2016:

    Hello! Can this cloak be made in grey wool, as seen on the bicep bracelet pictures?

    ArmStreet team:

    The cloak in grey is coming soon in limited edition. Stay tuned! :)

  • Lucie B. 31 of October 2016:

    Hello! I love this cloak, but I would love it even more with the Hooded Black Cloak hood. Is it possible to order the Labyrinth cloak with the Hooded Black Cloak hood instead? If so I am ordering this immediatly!

    ArmStreet team:

    We cannot make the Labyrinth cloak with the Hooded Black Cloak hood, sorry. But, we can make a Hooded Black Cloak with the decorative embroidery and the clasp like on the Labyrinth cloak, so it will be just the same. This modification will cost $45.00 extra.

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3 Feedbacks

  • Sophie 05 of January 2022:

    Beautiful cape, majestic, well cut. The finish is meticulous, the fabric of excellent quality. The fastening system is perfectly adapted and resistant. Customer service is very friendly, responsive and efficient.

  • Heather Adamick 10 of November 2020:

    Armstreet never disappoints! This is a great cloak, very heavy and warm. Thanks!

  • Cynthia Sears 20 of June 2018:

    Armstreet never disappoints! This is a great cloak, very heavy and warm. Thanks!

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