Whimsical and surprising, this collection features natural textiles and hypnotic mazelike etching, perfect for midday rituals and cool moonlit nights.

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She is one who follows the ancient Druids, worshipping nature and performing sacred rituals. Every step she takes, her bracelets jingle, and like any wanderer, her soft leather boots become closer and closer to the same color as the road with every step. Who is it that walks through the desert, her floor-length robe kissing the sands, her face shadowed by her deep hood? We may never know.

Our “Labyrinth” collection is for those who aren’t scared to do rituals by moonlight, and gaze for too long into the flames. We made it for those who aren’t afraid of magic, are in tune with their spiritual selves, and fearlessly lead the way. A true combination of aesthetic and functionality, we have used lush natural textiles that will keep you in touch with Mother Nature and also stand the test of time. Textured linen and soft suede work with wood, hemp, leather and metal for an alchemic combination of materials that any Pagan witch will delight in. Just wearing all of these materials close to your skin will cause you to feel grounded and more in tune with the world around you.

You’ll notice that everything in this collection blends together – beige, brown and gray fuse together naturally to relax your eye, while a bold black wool cloak punctuates it. We know how difficult it can be to find classic fantasy clothing, so we have worked to make sure this collection is medieval in inspiration but could fit into a modern Wicca ritual. All of the clothing is flattering and made with excess fabric and additional gores to make sure it will dramatically catch the wind and make your ritual moments even more memorable. So - go on. Find out when the full moon is and plan your next spell!

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