Mystic “Labyrinth” collection is a gift for those who aren't afraid of magic, love watching the bonfire flames and fearlessly lead the way! It includes all-natural materials, elegant in their pristine simplicity, ornated with wood, hemp, leather and metal. A true combo of aesthetic impact, spirituality, and functionality.
Wondering who's making her way through the sands wearing a long, floor-kissing sackcloth robe and hiding her face in the shadow of a deep hood? She might be one of those who follows the ancient Druids, worshipping wildlife and performing sacred rituals. They say one should overcome secular space putting on his vestments when getting ready to get in touch with the spirits... Leaning on a pilgrim's staff, she carries an essential shoulder bag with the magician's necessities. Every step she takes, her bracelets jingle. Like all the wanderers out there, her soft leather boots became of the same color with the road dust. It's all about the Earth tone colors - a combination of beige, brown and gray captures your attention and relaxes the eye. But be aware of a black cloak fluttering behind, as if recalling that she might not be who she pretends to be!
All the items are permeated with an obscure pattern reminiscent of an ancient Maze or an Eastern mandala. It might represent the journey through life, the twists and turns that are encountered. Or maybe it symbolizes experiences and choices we make in our journey? Make a statement with this bold tribal costume, feel the vibe, now it's your turn to make a choice!

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