Female armor: from Shieldmaiden to a Knight

Female armor. We always had a weak spot for female warriors and from our first experiments with fantasy armor to our iconic "Dark Star" female armour kit we always paid some extra attention to armored women. Are you fighting with steel? Or maybe doing archery at LARP events? Or just love to be dressed up as a female warrior character at the cosplay event? We have a lot to offer, from our Viking "Shieldmaiden" leather armor to female knight armored suits to fantasy functional armor.

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10 ArmStreet Modern Medieval Designs

10 ArmStreet Modern Medieval Designs

April 20, 2020

Medieval items are beautiful, but we also love modern convenience. We've made many items that aren't strictly historical but are still inspired by the spirit of medieval design, created to make your life easier! Here are our favorites.

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How to Start LARPing: Live Action Role Play

How to Start LARPing: Live Action Role Play

November 12, 2019

Bored of everyday life and ready to learn how to LARP? Live Action Role Play is a very popular hobby, and groups can be found all over the world. We have some easy steps to help you find your local game as well as some answers to common questions.

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