Elven costume

Elven costume. From Fairy Tales to Lord of the Ring books and movies, the elven costume is one of the most popular and artistically inspiring cultural phenomenons, and ArmStreet has a lot to offer for your elven character. We have an amazing selection of elven dresses and tunics, both male and female, several kits and a lot of elements of armor suitable for the elf persona, footwear and headwear, and an amazing selection of small but beautiful items like cloak pins, belts, brooches, and bags. Follow our journey in designing and creating costumes, armor, and gear for elven characters.

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How to Start LARPing: Live Action Role Play

How to Start LARPing: Live Action Role Play

November 12, 2019

Bored of everyday life and ready to learn how to LARP? Live Action Role Play is a very popular hobby, and groups can be found all over the world. We have some easy steps to help you find your local game as well as some answers to common questions.

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