“The Accolade” collection is here

August 3, 2014

“The Accolade” collection:

For the creation of this garment collection we were inspired by “Accolade” (1901) — the famous painting of the Edmund Leighton who's interest for the Medieval subjects and manner was greatly influenced by early inquests of the Pre-Paphaellites Brotherhood. For the last hundred years both, art connoisseur and popular public, are equally charmed by this painting: not only because popularity of Arthur's theme and its courtly poetic, not just because of Leighton's craftsmanship, — but, mainly, because of the delicate appearance of the beautiful Queen Guinevere who became the embodiment and the symbol of the image of the Lady of the Heart in knightly compassion.

"The Accolade" white medieval wedding dress

She is unreachable ideal of the purity, bodily and spiritual beauty, the patroness of the knights in service of light and good. Each detail of her image is speaking of that — the golden crown on the flowing golden curls of her hairs, soft face and white-and-gold dress glimmering in the beam of the daylight.

Silk Chemise The Accolade

We tried to re-create this masterpiece of the art of painting with our contemporary art means — in the language of the textile, fashion design, jewelry and photography.

Medieval Patterned Leather shoes The Accolade

Click here to enjoy all items from “The Accolade” collection: dress, silk chemise, shoes, brooch, crown and a brass belt.

The Accolade Brass Belt, Crown and Brooch