Measurements sets: one more reason to set up an account on

August 19, 2014

Create an account to keep all your data in one place

We developed a new feature to make purchase process even smoother. Log in to your account or sign up for a new one:

Login and signup links at the upper right corner of the screen

We made sign up process as easy as possible:

Create your new account at!

Update your measurements set or create a new one - you can make a measurements set for each member of your family or even for friends!

Set of measurements - create once and use for all orders

As soon as you are ready to purchase anything in our store you'll be able to choose any of your measurements sets and necessary measurements will be automatically applied to selected item.

Just select the necessary set of measurements for an item

So there is no necessity any more to measure yourself every time you are going to purchase something – you can buy custom items with one click from any place at any time and from any device.

One more thing: account also keeps the story of your purchases. Special offer and wish list functionalities are coming soon for account owners!