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Silk Chemise “The Accolade”

Exclusive medieval wedding underdress

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For some reasons this item is not available at the moment. Please contact our support at for more detailed information or check these categories for similar items:

Silk Chemise “The Accolade”

Exclusive medieval wedding underdress

We designed this chemise specially for our wedding collection "Accolade".

On the original painting which was our source of inspiration only a little fragment of chemise is visible through the deep decollete cut, therefor, in our design we had to rely on the other sources - floating light under-dresses from the paintings of Botticelli and Edward Burne-Jones (few words about Pre-Raphaelites).

These chemises are made from light, airy, fluid cloth, often has very high waistline and, some times, with an elegant golden decoration.

For the heavy non-lustre velvet dress with rich draping we decided that the best match would be a chemise of the fine silk with a modest satin sheen. The general silhouette of the chemise – high waistline, draped chest and flowing down folds of the light cloth reminding of the Antique statues. This is the very silhouette which was so desirable for the beauties of the Renaissance time.

V-shaped cut, elegantly embroiled with small beads, creates an accent for the neck line and makes it look longer.

Lush puffed sleeves are hold in place with the drawstring tie above the elbow. They are passing into the narrow tall cuffs decorated with the golden inkle with the Celtic ornament connecting the design of the chemise with the overall theme of the collection. Under the chest the chemise is affixed with another drawstring tie which allowed to achieve an ideal fit and a favorable contrast to the wide skirt.

Long and wide sun-skirt (about 9 m or 30' of hemline lengths) is floating with the light folds accenting the figure lines and creating slim but feminine silhouette.

About collection:

For the creation of this garment collection we were inspired by “Accolade” (1901) the famous painting of the Edmund Leighton who's interest for the Medieval subjects and manner was greatly influenced by early inquests of the Pre-Paphaellites Brotherhood. For the last hundred years both, art connoisseur and popular public, are equally charmed by this painting: not only because popularity of Arthur's theme and its courtly poetic, not just because of Leighton's craftsmanship, – but, mainly, because of the delicate appearance of the beautiful Queen Guinevere who became the embodiment and the symbol of the image of the Lady of the Heart in knightly compassion.

She is unreachable ideal of the purity, bodily and spiritual beauty, the patroness of the knights in service of light and good. Each detail of her image is speaking of that – the golden crown on the flowing golden curls of her hairs, soft face and white-and-gold dress glimmering in the beam of the daylight.

We tried to re-create this masterpiece of the art of painting with our contemporary art means – in the language of the textile, fashion design, jewelry and photography.

Here, to your attention we are introducing Silk Chemise from the garment collection "The Accolade" or “The Knighting” which includes velvet dress, silk chemise, belt, brooch and crown. All details of the collection are unified by the Celtic ornamental motifs reworked by us for the implementation in the various materials. The rim of the crown, details of the belt brooch the trim of the chemise sleeves, as well as dress shoulder parts and hemline, are all decorated with the variations of this ornament.


  • Natural silk
  • Golden trim with Celtic ornament
  • Beads

Chemise features:

  • Long wide skirt (about 9 m or 30' of hemline lengths)
  • V-shaped cut
  • High waistline

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  • Alisha 27 of January 2017:

    Could this be made to size like the dress as I am plus sized...

    ArmStreet team:

    The chemise can be made in fixed size only, but please note that our sizes are different from US, UK and EU systems. Here is our size charts - Also, if you let us know your chest and waist circumferences, we'll gladly help you to determine the right size.

  • Minoes 21 of July 2016:

    Is it possible to get this dress in another fabric? so it's less expensive i know silk is an expensive fabric.

    ArmStreet team:

    To date this chemise is available in silk only due tothe technical reasons, sorry.

  • Ronshell Wells 18 of August 2015:

    Do you all still sale the Accolade dress? Thanks Ronshell W.

    ArmStreet team:

    To date the Accolade dress is not available because of the lack of soutache for the decorations. We expect a new supply of soutache in September, then the dress will be available for order online. Thank you for your understanding.

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2 Feedbacks

  • Anna 20 of March 2022:

    The piece is gorgeous, lush and very silky. The color is a little more milky-white than the pictures - don't expect it to be snow-white, it's natural silk after all. The draping on the bust is permanently sewn, which i think is a good choice, as you don't have to adjust it each time when you tie the underbust strings on the sides. The pictures do not show how wide the skirt is - read the item description. Fits even an 8-month pregnant me with my pre-pregnancy size. It came with a cloth storage bag, which is a nice bonus to avoid snagging the fabric by accident. One thing i find a bit too big for me are the sleeves, both in terms of width and length. The length part can be adjusted to fit more comfortably by simply tying the buffs a bit higher, but no such luck for the width. This should not be a problem if the piece is indeed worn as a chemise, as the actual sleeve will be on top anyway. If worn on its own as a luxurious silk gown i'd suggest preparing additional strings to wrap along the sleeve to make it fit closer to the arm and look more flattering this way. The strings under the buffs are enough to tie the buff, not the whole sleeve along to make it more tight-fitting. Overall, this is a beautiful silk chemise, made with utmost care (i didn't find any flaws in the fabric or seams). It is extremely well-made, very adjustable to the figure and I am very happy with my purchase.

  • Alice Vasquez 07 of July 2016:

    once again always as good as it looks and described thanks again

    ArmStreet team:

    Pleased to hear this, thank you for your feedback, Alice! We're happy that you like it!

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