King of the East

Stunning Eastern-inspired armor and accessories accented contrasting laser-cut brass which makes this set is fit for a king.

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This stunning collection of richly decorated eastern armor and weapons is for those who are inspired by the mystic charm and unchallenged power of the East. Here in ArmStreet, we always endeavor for perfection, so having received a bunch of enthusiastic reviews to the “Prince of the East” collection , we just couldn't help but improve upon it using all the available engineering solutions and technological innovations. Thus, the second generation of the Eastern kit was born: the ultimately unsurpassed “King of the East”.

The technologies we focussed on with this collection were etching and laser cutting. These were combined to create the illusion of meticulous fillagree that catches the eye of everyone who walks by. The combination of brass and stainless steel creates a contrast that is opulent and powerful, and when paired with the middle-eastern motifs in the etching, looks fit for a Sultan.

This collection has everything that true Sultan or Padishah might need to win the world over: from the turban helmet to shiny middle eastern saber, luxurious velvet gambeson and high leather boots. Fine touches have also been added such as a lush velvet belt and embroidered belt bag. We've thought the whole thing out to the last detail and perfected every piece of armor and accessory, emphasizing their strength and paying special attention to their appearance. We couldn’t be prouder to present to you the result of our workmanship!

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