King of the East

Stunning Eastern-inspired armor and accessories accented contrasting laser-cut brass which makes this set is fit for a king.

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This stunning collection of richly decorated eastern armor and weapons is for those who are inspired by the mystic charm and unchallenged power of the East. Here in ArmStreet, we always endeavor for perfection, so having received a bunch of enthusiastic reviews to the “Prince of the East” collection , we just couldn't help but improve upon it using all the available engineering solutions and technological innovations. Thus, the second generation of the Eastern kit was born: the ultimately unsurpassed “King of the East”.

The technologies we focussed on with this collection were etching and laser cutting. These were combined to create the illusion of meticulous fillagree that catches the eye of everyone who walks by. The combination of brass and stainless steel creates a contrast that is opulent and powerful, and when paired with the middle-eastern motifs in the etching, looks fit for a Sultan.

This collection has everything that true Sultan or Padishah might need to win the world over: from the turban helmet to shiny middle eastern saber, luxurious velvet gambeson and high leather boots. Fine touches have also been added such as a lush velvet belt and embroidered belt bag. We've thought the whole thing out to the last detail and perfected every piece of armor and accessory, emphasizing their strength and paying special attention to their appearance. We couldn’t be prouder to present to you the result of our workmanship!

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Presenting our King of the East armor

Putting armor like this on display on our website feels less like listing an item online and more like presenting a true masterpiece to you in an art gallery! This carefully crafted collection has been hand-made by our team of talented blacksmiths, using the finest materials available to us. That’s not where the process started, though - a piece as meticulously created as this starts in the design stage, where it was researched by our team of and brought to life with drawings and designs. Everything about this armor was created in-house, here at our head office in Ukraine, so you know you’ll be getting a fine quality item with great attention to detail.

Understanding the silhouette of Eastern Cuirass Armor

You’ll probably notice that this collection looks quite different to some of our other best-selling collections, such as our King’s Guard and Knight of Fortune. That is because many of our other collections are based on Western- Style armor, which is the kind of protection you would see chivalrous french knights or English pikemen wearing. Middle Eastern armor, though existing in a similar time period, is very different from this, as different parts of the world had different approaches as well as materials to use. In this cuirass, you will see more flat panels and hinges opposed to the articulated lames you’ll find on western armor.

Did middle eastern armor include plate?

Though many museums favor displaying chainmail and other more flexible types of armor, middle eastern armor did actually include plate armor that they would mix in with their chainmail to create the best combination possible. There are many gauntlets, helmets, cuirasses, and bazubands that are made from solid sheets of metal instead of chainmail rings.


What does eastern armor include?

There are many different types of eastern armor, but in general, you will find that most will include bazubands (wrist and forearm), a cuirass (chest protection) or chain mail, pauldrons (shoulder armor), gauntlets (hand protection), greaves (lower leg) and a helmet, all made from steel or a similar rigid material.

Why are demi gauntlets used instead of full gauntlets?

A demi gauntlet usually comes up to your knuckles and leaves your fingers free. A full gauntlet will also protect your fingers. There are a number of reasons to choose a demi gauntlet over a complete one, including:

  • Free fingers
  • Greater ease of movement
  • Material or budget constraints
  • More versatile use of weapons (eg, bow)

What were medieval greaves used for?

Medieval greaves are usually made from steel and are worn on the lower portion of your leg to protect your shin up to your knee. These were especially useful as they provided warriors with a decent amount of protection to a sensitive part of the leg in exchange for not being too encumbering.

What is the difference between bazubands and bracers?

Bazbands are a type of armor often seen in the medieval period in more eastern parts of the world, whereas bracers were more common in the west. Bazubands combined wrist and often elbow protection, whereas bracers were often shorter.

Use pauldrons to protect your shoulders and arms

It doesn’t matter if you’re creating a kit to look like a Saltan, Shishak, a foot soldier or a rich prince… safety will still always be paramount. There is no point in wearing armor if you are just going to injure yourself or only fight in it once, so you need to make sure you’re protecting your most vital parts and using pauldrons or spaulders to protect your shoulders and collar bones. Don’t worry - they’re not actually as constricting as they look, and actually allow you to get a decent amount of movement to the use of articulation and leather straps at the back.

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Finish your look with accessories and weapons

While having amazing armor is a fantastic feeling, you don’t want to forget your vital accessories which will help bring the costume to life. In medieval times, a person would have many different items attached to their belts and clothing to aid them in everyday life, such as pouches to hold food and provisions, knives, and other useful tools to bring on campaigns. It’s simply unrealistic to imagine that people would go to battle without such vital items!

Browse our collection of middle eastern knives and daggers

Our King of the East collection is well thought out and includes a number of ornamental weapons that you can purchase. These items are all non-functional, meaning they are to be used as props. Because of this, they are safer, not sharp, and often hollow to allow for lighter weight and ease of wear.

Velvet, leather and brass belts and bags

You can’t deny an opulent finish on such a fantastic costume! We have combined very supple leather and velvet to make a gorgeous belt that your friends will be fighting over! Finished with a laser-cut buckle, it is truly a sight to behold. It doesn’t end there, though - we also have a matching bag which is sure to make you utterly unforgettable.

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