King of the East

Stunning collection of richly decorated armor and weapons for those who are inspired by mystic charm and unchallenged power of the East. Here in ArmStreet we always endeavour at perfection, so having received a bunch of enthusiastic reviews to the “Prince of the East” collection, we just couldn't help improving it, using all the available engineering solutions and technological innovations. Thus, the second generation of the Eastern kit was born — ultimately unsurpassed “King of the East” collection, which has everything that true Sultan or Padishah might need to win the world over: from the turban type helmet to shiny saber and strong axe, from the luxurious velvet gambeson to the high leather boots and embroidered belt bag.

We've thought out to the last detail and perfected the every piece of armor and accessory, emphasizing their strength and paying special attention to their appearance, and now we're really proud to present you the result of our workmanship!

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