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Armour Kit “King of the East”

Armour Kit “King of the East”

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Armour Kit “King of the East”

2nd generation eastern armour kit

This kit is a second generation of our Eastern armour kit, first one is “Prince of the East” armor.

This kit is based on historic pieces of armour residing in both the famed Tower of London and Kremlin Armoury collections and provides great balance between flexibility, great protection and amazingly beautiful craftsmanship. All technologies ArmStreet can provide were used to make this armor look like a museum piece.

We tried to make the look of the armor as “eastern” as possible with almost flat breastplate and each armor plate richly decorated with etching and brass accents. We also took into account real combat future of this armor so our best understanding of armor engineering conditioned solutions like pivotal cuirass plates joints, flexible leather pauldrons joints along with chainmail inserts on greaves and integrated natural suede lining on cuirass and side plate of the helmet.

Designing this armor we decided to make something we really want paying no attention at the price and time taken, and we do not regret about it as what we made looks like a museum piece with every square inch of the armor covered with etched patterns or decorated with brass accents. Despite the fact that the whole armor is richly decorated this is a combat kit which can be used with some modification for almost any existing combat standard. This armor is relatively light, very flexible, protective and functional so do not hesitate to go with it whether you need a cool appearance gear or a functional combat kit.

What's included?

Other parts are available for purchase, we have two different types of gauntlets, great selection of accessories and decorative weapon and a matching helmet.


  • Stainless steel with etched patterns
  • Cut-through brass accents
  • Integrated suede lining (cuirass)
  • Removable elbow and knee cops
  • Leather straps reinforced with steel plates
  • Front-slit pivot joint
  • Original design

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What's the item name of tunic being worn under this suit of armour? Is it available to buy as well?

ArmStreet team:

The model is wearing a velvet coat, it is not listed on the website yet, but it is coming soon!


Any idea when/if the undercoat will be available as a separate piece?

ArmStreet team:

There will be two matching garments: a gambeson and a velvet coat, we hope to list both of them within a week or so. Stay tuned!

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