Helmet “King of the East”

Functional eastern helmet with SCA visor

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Helmet “King of the East”

Functional Eastern helmet with SCA visor

Even among the ArmStreet's high-end armor this helmet is a real gem of our collection. We've united almost all the technologies we have to make this functional and beautiful piece of art.

Helmet is made of 2mm (14 ga) stainless steel with etching on it and decorated (and additionally reinforced) with the cut-through brass plates and ribs typical for Eastern Turban helmets.

Side plates covering ears are made of solid 4 mm cut-through brass which is reliable, authentic and looks really cool.They are also covered with the leather lining from the inside for extra comfort and protection.

Helmet is supplied with a heavy combat adjustable padding and a chin strap.

Taking into account that this helmet can be purchased both for aesthetic reasons and as a fighting gear we provide this helmet with both historically accurate nasal plate and interchangeable laser-cut 5 mm steel combat visor.

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  • Cold-forging
  • Hot-forging
  • Etching on stainless steel
  • Brass works
  • Laser-cut SCA visor


  • Eastern type etching and brass works decorations
  • Interchangeable nasal and SCA visor
  • It's really hot!
  • 14 ga (2mm) stainless steel top
  • 8 ga (3 mm) nasal and ear plates
  • 4 ga (5 mm) laser-cut stainless SCA visor

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