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Dress “Astrid the Wolfspeaker”

Woolen Viking Dress


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Viking Dress "Astrid the Wolfspeaker"

Woolen Easrly Middle Ages Viking Dress

It’s always a good day when you’re Astrid Wolfspeaker: important enough to have a bodyguard, but young enough to enjoy travel beyond your homeland without the burden of diplomatic responsibility. There’s always a spring in your step, the winter sun on your shoulders, and a tune to carry you from one longhouse to the next.

“Astrid the Wolfspeaker” is a new spin on our bestselling Viking collections – or should we say a new season! For the first time, we are offering woolen dresses and accessories to keep you warm in the winter without only relying on cloaks or coats (though we have those, too!). These items are finely crafted, based on our tried-and-tested Viking-inspired designs, and ready to accompany you through the winter.

This classic T-tunic style dress has a keyhole neckline which makes it easy to put on, long sleeves to keep you warm and a long skirt. The design includes gores to add extra fabric, creating a voluminous skirt that swishes as you walk. The sleeves are made with lots of room under the arms and a tapered fit at the cuff, which allows for lots of movement around your shoulders.

Our “Astrid” tunic features a new trim, designed in-house by our team of specialty artists. Taking inspiration from Norse art and animals, our artists have created a pattern featuring wolves that twist their way through knotwork. The wolf trim can be found at the bottom hem and at the sleeves, with regular Viking knotwork along the neckline. The trim is framed at the bottom and sleeves by 4cm of contrasting linen, 1cm of linen at the neckline, and woolen cord between each layer.

Technically, this is a feat of sewing. All of the seams are felled flat without exposed overlocking or raw edge, and the trim is sewn in such a way that it is used to perfectly hide and protect any exposed seams or overlocking at the hems. We made the tunic from the ideal winter material: wool. It’s a lovely thinner garment wool, made especially for dresses and tunics to allow for drape and movement. Wool is not only warm, but it’s also breathable and dries quickly.

This garment is unlined, and we recommend wearing a chemise or undertunic in order to extend your wear between washes and protect the material from body odor.

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  • Wool;
  • Linen;
  • Trim;
  • Woolen cord.


  • T-tunic silhouette;
  • Voluminous skirt with gussets;
  • Contrasting trim;
  • Keyhole style neckline;
  • Viking Inspired design;
  • ArmStreet-exclusive trim.

This item is part of the “Shieldmaiden” collection

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1 Comment

  • leanne 02 of November 2021:

    OMG waited waited so Long for woolen one must have beautiful

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11 Feedbacks

  • Krysten 23 of April 2024:

    This tunic is beautiful, and the wool is so soft and light. I got it to go with the wool coat, but unfortunately I don't think I'll be wearing the outfit unless I am in my third trimester or I gain quite a bit of weight. I provided custom measurements, and while the chest are fits nicely and the height is perfect, there is so much extra fabric at the waist that it is unflattering. The silhouette of all the Viking tunics is certainly not meant to be form-fitting, but it seems the patterns cannot tolerate curvy figures or high waist-to-bust ratios. I am very sad, because I was really looking forward to wearing this outfit at Christmas markets. It would definitely be warm enough.

  • Jessica Bailey 20 of November 2023:

    Beautiful and fitted perfectly. And very nice and warm for the fall season.

  • Eleanor 04 of February 2023:

    I would love to see the "Astrid the Wolfspeaker" dress in moss green wool with night wolf trim and Walnut brown flax. I am having no success switching the colour of the photographs. Just to confirm you also could make this dress in a larger custom size. ie. A size 16? Thank you for your help.

    ArmStreet Team:

    Yes, of course, we can make it in custom size for you. Pease simply select custom size tap over the title of the dress. We do not have any pics of this dress in green color, but you can check it in this apron

  • Ashlei  15 of December 2022:

    This is my favorite dress i got it in a custom size but i wish i went bigger probably a good inch and a half bigger on the waist and arms. It was tight to get on and i could not move my arms as high as i would like when i get another i will go bigger for a looser fit but its absolutely a wonderful dress. Amazing craftsmanship and i got tons of compliments.

  • AeKati 14 of December 2022:

    My second purchase from Armstreet, and I'm absolutely in love. The dress is perfectly fitted and the wool is high quality and very warm. The blue is a dusty navy that offers a beautiful pop of winter color without being overwhelmingly vibrant, and it pairs nicely with the red trim. Pics really don't do it justice. I'm so pleased with this dress and glad to support Ukrainian business. Slava Ukraini!

  • Viktor Holmgren 20 of October 2022:

    Amazing craftmanship, my blushing bride loves it so so much :) We will make sure to post a few pictures from our Norse wedding later. :)

  • Nodie Sullivan 15 of July 2022:

    I am so happy Armstreet folks are safe and working! I have loved every piece from Armstrong except this one. I was disappointed in the quality of the wool. The dress is beautifully mad but the wool actually looks like a poor blend of fabrics. It's also quite itchy. Will wear it with long underwear underneath, but not close to the quality wool products I am used to from Armstreet.


    Well, this wool is actually can be itchy but this is a viking dress so it is supposed to be, it is not a blend but a conscious choice of wool to make this particular dress up to the period. However, thank you for your comment, it might be really useful for other buyers and we are sorry you didn't like it, we have a plentu of costumes in softer materials, wool included

  • Randall K Cook 05 of July 2022:

    Perfect fit. Thank you. Looks great on my daughter. Her Viking impression is nearly finished. Looking forward to doing more business with you.

  • Daniel N 05 of July 2022:

    Beautiful dress, love the design and it is perfect warm for the winter months.

  • Sigrid 05 of January 2022:

    Can you make this in block wool?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello Sigrid, the only possible color options for this dress are listed in the color options.

  • Sigrid 14 of November 2021:

    Can you make this dress with no trim? Just simple all the way around?

    ArmStreet Team:

    It is not possible, unfortunately. 

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