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Medieval Underwear Chemise “Grace”

Undergarment Tunic with rope bordering


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Medieval Underwear Chemise “Grace” 

Fine linen undergarment tunic with textile rope bordering

What’s under the dress? You’d be wrong to think that there’s nothing at all. Since ancient times, it has been common to wear a layer of fabric between your skin and outer clothes - chemise, underdresses, nightgowns, corsets, pantaloons, and in modern times: underwear!

This layer has important work to do: it’s a protective barrier between sweat and your clothing while also shielding your sensitive skin from the often rougher textiles of your outerwear. It also serves to keep you warm, as well as hide your bare skin from unwelcome glances in places where there may be a gap in lacing or buttons.

So, even where a modern human could have stayed naked: in a bath, in bed, swimming in a river; in the Middle Ages, a chemise was a multipurpose garment that acted a swimsuit, pajamas, and even sexy underwear.

Though it wasn’t always overtly written about, throughout the ages people have always had sex. The level of sexual tension between lovers was the same, but the language of emotions was different - not the emotions themselves.

These moments of ancient desire were perhaps more subdued than what we experience today - two hands accidentally touching as you stand side by side, a knight glimpsing the exposed arms of a maiden who would usually be covered, a flash of skin through a thin chemise - but still akin to modern lust, like receiving a photo of your lover in sexy lingerie.

Nevertheless, the chemise was a regular and a casual part of the outfit - not just to attract handsome knights, but also for more practical reasons. It is way easier to wash a thin chemise than a heavy coat or robe.

This chemise is sleeveless with open shoulders, a soft neckline, and a regular fit. As well as many other ArmStreet dresses, this one has a wide skirt: 3.5 to 4 yards (3.1 - 3.9 meters) along the bottom depending on the size. It has a high waistline and small loops in the seams on the back to hold a rope lacing that can be wrapped around as a belt or under the breast.

The decollete zone is decorated with a textile rope bordering, a subtle accent that shows the quality of the work and emphasizes the status of the owner. The straps are also made of the same fabric rope weaving. The chemise is supposed to be floor-length but can be made shorter by request. The material is also very special, this is softened flax linen we offer in a variety of colors.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Fine flax linen.


  • Textile rope bordering;
  • Historically inspired;
  • Exclusive design;
  • Natural fine flax linen;
  • Floor length.

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  • Kathleen 27 of January 2022:

    I love the option of the avocado green linen.. could this be made in any of the other colours as well? (blue? red?) Thank you!

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello, all linen colors that an be used for this chemise are listed in the color options. 

  • Kathleen 10 of August 2021:

    ..So beautiful.. Could I get this in white with pink braid & lacing? Thank you!

    ArmStreet Team:

    Yes, please simply leave this request in the comment section to your order. 

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7 Feedbacks

  • Kaily 10 of July 2024:

    Such a beautiful piece with beautiful stitching

  • Eva 07 of January 2024:

    A wonderful summer dress or to be worn as a chemise. I will get a lot of use wearing it as a summer dress since it is ideal for warm sunny days and the linen fabric is ideal for that. The dress is tailored to perfection and it fits like a glove. Outstanding quality and I really love the braided straps that are adjustable. It can be worn casually or easily dressed up with a cardigan. The dress is simple but elegant and can be worn for many different occasions. Thank you !

  • leanne 28 of November 2022:

    Just got my second grace chemise love the green very strong straps Thankyou fits perfect

  • Nancy 10 of February 2022:

    I got this chemise in Pink Fine Flax Linen. I love it so much. The straps are unique and are pleasing to the look and touch. I am going to try to get a different color for next time. ☺️

  • Serena 07 of January 2022:

    I just received this chemise, and I love it! The straps and neckline have a braided finish, and it's so cute. The straps are adjustable, and there's a tie at the back for cinching. It fits just right. I live in a very warm climate, so when summer comes around again, I'm going to be very grateful for this adorable chemise. Thanks, Armstreet!

  • Kathleen 02 of January 2022:

    Just received my white one.. so beautiful.. There was a bit of a problem with fit/size at first, but it was corrected (Armstreet's customer service is really good) and the new chemise is perfect! Thank you so much!

  • leanne 10 of December 2021:

    Absolutely lovely it’s great in summer and such beautiful piece of sleeveless chemise

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