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“Water Flowers” Elvish Necklace

Brass and Enamel torc


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“Water Flowers” Elvish Necklace

Brass and Enamel torc

Our “Water Flowers” collection of dresses and accessories takes inspiration from flowers found in water gardens and the grace of elves. This combination makes for striking patterns that we’ve carried through a number of dresses and accessories in fabric, beading, laser cutting, and enameling. Even though all of the items in the collection match, we’ve made sure that each piece of jewelry is strong as a standalone piece and will fit with any modern or medieval outfit that you’re looking to make a bit more glamorous!

This necklace is truly a piece of wearable sculpture. It was designed by our in-house artist, who was inspired by elvish leaf patterns and knotwork, as well as the twists and turns of patterns in Art Nouveau. The main structure of the necklace appears to be a torc design embellished with twisting vines and leaves. Instead of meeting in the middle, the torc is connected by a chain, which features additional dangling charms that can be interpreted as either leaves or hearts. The necklace closes at the back with a hook closure.

After being designed by our artist and laser cut from a 1.5mm thick piece of brass in our workshop, it goes to our master jeweler for hand finishing. He ensures it is the right shape to sit wonderfully on your neck, inserts countersunk rivets to hold it together, and works to make sure the brass is nicely finished. As a final touch, he fills in some of the filigree designs with enamel, which he mixes himself and applies with an artisan’s touch.

This wonderful piece has the potential to either be a statement piece on a simple costume, or just another ornate detail on a highly embellish elven outfit. We imagine it being worn at weddings, feasts, LARP and SCA events, and even with a modern outfit.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 1.5mm brass;
  • Rivets;
  • Brass chain;
  • Enamel.


  • Elvish design;
  • Unique hanging charms;
  • Colorful enamel;
  • Shiny brass;
  • Leaf and heart shapes.


  • Inner circumference - 5,8" (14,8 cm);
  • Outer circumference - 7,3" (18,6 cm).

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1 feedback

  • Dawson 20 of August 2021:

    Love this. Love my Water Flowers Collection

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