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Woolen Apron “Winter Viking”

Warm overdress with trim


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Woolen Apron “Winter Viking”

Warm Viking dress apron with trim

If you’re looking for clothing that chases away the chill of winter, look no further than the new additions to our Viking collection. Crafted from woolen material instead of our usual linen, these new items are based on all of our bestselling designs, with the added bonus of now being warmer than ever.

Aprons were an important component of Viking-era outfits all over Europe. Though they took many different forms, we chose to base ours on a dress-style apron: the Edeby Harbour design and illustrations by Shelagh Lewins, to be exact. Though the original style may not have been as voluminous as our end product, we made the choice to add additional gores and fabric and slightly different seams to provide you with a better fit. This garment is intended to be worn over a chemise or dress, but it can be worn on its own as well.

The apron is cut on a curve across the chest to sit just above your bust, and ties up with straps that go through a loop in the top. Traditionally, they would have been attached with a fibula, which this design allows for, but it’s also possible to wear ours without the hardware. The skirt of the apron is a bit shorter than a full-length dress, which looks fantastic when layering. There is lacing a the back of the apron that is secured through waxed lacing loops to help you get the best fit possible along your waist.

This dress is adorned with lashings of elaborate trim. Thick trim makes its way along the bust, connecting at the back to more simple, thin knotwork that borders the lacing. You’ll find contrasting linen around the trim like a frame, and thin wool cord completing the edges around the thicker design. At the bottom hem of the dress is a single strip of thinner knotwork trim to finish the look. All of the trim and seams on this garment are expertly sewn with care, leaving no exposed edges or overlocking.

The wool this apron is crafted from is thin and soft, making it great for layering over a dress. It is also a perfect weight to get a nice drape to the skirt, which swishes as you walk and gives a nice twirl when you spin. Wool is water repellent, warm, but also breathable, so if the sun peeks through during your winter events you’ll find yourself quite comfortable.

This apron is designed to go with our “Astrid the Wolfspeaker” and “Girda the Snowdancer” collections, though it is sure to suit any Viking attire either from our Viking collections or your own!

Please note: fibulas are not included but are available in store.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Wool;
  • Trim;
  • Woolen cord;
  • Waxed lacing.

Apron features:

  • Historically inspired;
  • Armstreet designed trim;
  • Trim on the bust and hem;
  • Lacing for a great fit;
  • Can be worn with or without fibulas;
  • Wide skirt.

This item is part of the “Shieldmaiden” collection

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1 Comment

  • leanne 02 of November 2021:

    So beautiful made need woolen set must have

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4 Feedbacks

  • Jessica Bailey 20 of November 2023:

    Beautiful and absolutely perfect in size. The skirt is a bit longer than I anticipated, but nothing skirt hikes won't fix.

  • Angelica Kanberg 17 of August 2023:

    I absolutely love it, good quality. And it fits beautifully on me. Hade a very good communication with the seller. And will definitely buy from this seller again. The shiping was must faster then I expected. Because the seller is in Ukraine. Thank you so mush for my lovley viking dress

  • Ronait 03 of March 2023:

    After a long time, my package has arrived! Thank you for the search, the resending and all your kindness. The dress is once again wonderful and I am very happy with it.

  • Catherine 26 of June 2022:

    The wool Viking apron is gorgeous. It's high quality, comfortable to wear and goes very well with other Viking dresses in different colors. Many thanks for making this garment and for staying the course despite the situation in your country. I highly recommend your work, which I've known for years.

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