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Viking Winter Hat | Yule edition

Viking Winter Hat | Yule edition

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Red wool
Black wool
Red wine wool
Dark blue wool
Green wool
Brown wool


inches cm

Viking Winter Hat | Yule edition

Authentic embroidered woolen hat

Still looking for something barbarian for these New Year holidays? Dismiss all doubts, here comes a festive addition to the ‘Viking’ collection!

Same as traditional Vikings' head coverings, fitted to keep out foul weather, this timeless red one is made of 100% natural wool. Historically authentic style makes it a perfect accessory for any Viking character. Features a variety of colors to coordinate with your garb, flax linen lining and fur trimming. The hat is artfully decorated with hand embroidery that depicts the classic Icelandic motif from the Saga of the Volsungs - Sigurd slays Fafnir the dragon. All the seams are covered with a contrasting hand-embroidered herringbone pattern.

Suits both male and female Vikings, and all ages: for those who still believe in Santa, and who dress up as Santa!

Before the Christianisation, pagan Yule celebrated by Vikings and Germanic peoples was little resembling, if not completely unlike the modern New Year's holidays. So was the Vikings' Santa. In the darkness of the past centuries, his true name was lost. They must be close to the truth in Iceland, where old traditions have not been forgotten, considering their Santa a descendant of the mountain trolls. Alas, the Vikings' Santa was a typical bad guy - in short, he was a vice versa to a modern Santa Claus, who decides who's been naughty or nice, and doles out presents or punishments accordingly.

He could appear in a home with his bag, just as modern Santa does, but he never gave gifts...  quite the contrary - he required animal sacrifices from people. The arrival of this bearded dude meant he was kinda underpaid within a year. However, according to legends, he always provided his help and protection in return.


  • Wool;
  • Flax linen;
  • Fur trimming;
  • Linen thread.


  • Fully lined;
  • Custom sized;
  • Authentic style;
  • Hand embroidery;
  • Herringbone stitching over the seams.

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