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“Cassius” Roman Greaves

Stainless steel leg and knee protection


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"Cassius" Roman Greaves Armor

Stainless steel leg and knee protection

Trustworthy and disciplined, they often described him as the perfect soldier. He would wake before dawn and patrol until long after the sun went down, and barely uttered a single complaint. That being said, even the most honorable Centurion has had second thoughts about the emperor… but he had been the only one so far to actually plan a successful assassination. It was admirable… not that they would ever actually admit that.

Our “Cassius” Collection is practical and utilitarian, but it still has that extra bit of ArmStreet flair that keeps it interesting. It is our first set of Roman armor so it’s something a little bit new for us, but we couldn’t be more thrilled to have the opportunity to research and develop around such a fascinating part of history. The Romans were amazing record keepers, so there is a ton of source material about what soldiers would wear, as well as actual artifacts to look at and design around. We chose to look at the Principate Empire, which is very “classic Roman” from an aesthetic point of voice. We’ve taken the historical aspects of the armor that we love and combined it with our years of manufacturing expertise, modern materials, and techniques to create something beautiful, strong and eyecatching.

These greaves are made to be comfortable and protective. They flare out slightly at the ankle to ensure they don’t dig in too much or put to much weight in one spot. From there, they curve up in an anatomical shape, completely protecting the front of your leg. At the knee, they flare out slightly to accommodate the shape and finish just above it. These greaves are forged from a single piece of stainless steel and are 1.5mm thick, making them perfect for LARP or SCA fighting. Historically, this kind of greave would be bent around your leg, and stay without any strapping. We decided that this would not be the most practical way to make them, especially with stainless steel as a material, so have added 3 leather straps with buckles, which will keep them firmly attached to your leg. They are finished with a brass disc which is inspired by roman jewellery and has been riveted to the middle of the knee.

We have made these greaves with premium materials to make sure you get the most out of them. Stainless steel construction means that they will be rust-resistant, so you won’t have to spend as much time polishing them or removing rust. The leather straps are strong, and the buckles are made from brass. Solid brass rivets are used throughout to add contrast and hold everything together in a way that will see you through many battles.

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  • 1.5mm stainless steel;
  • 1mm brass disc;
  • Solid brass rivets;
  • Leather;
  • Brass buckles.


  • Historically inspired;
  • Cast brass buckles;
  • Rust resistant;
  • Knee coverage;
  • Held on with strap;
  • Decorative brass etched disc.

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3 Feedbacks

  • Guest 06 of January 2024:

    Where do I find the Roman aprons to go along with the rest of the gear?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello, you can order the tunic here

  • Kaan 13 of January 2022:

    Purchased these last year, expensive but very comfortable and look great, I wore them in all my kit to a show last august and it attracted quite a lot of attention. Hoping to get the Lorica next!

  • Mirek 10 of August 2021:

    I was interested in having a matching armour set and after but a couple of emails, Armstreet delivered these stunning greaves, etched to match the beautiful vine design on the bracers I previously bought from them. They saw what I had in mind and executed it perfectly. I will be back for more. Thank you!

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