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Roman Lorica Segmantata “Cassius”

Stainless Steel Chest Armor


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Roman Lorica Segmantata “Cassius”

Stainless Steel Roman Chest Armor

Honorable and disciplined were the words that came to mind when describing Cassius. A perfect soldier, he always seemed to be a man of his word as well as humble. No one really saw the assassination coming - and Cassius was the last man they would expect to have planned it…

We are very passionate about the Romans, so when it came to choosing an ancient era to create armor from, the decision was easy! Our new “Cassius” collection of armor is designed to be practical and comfortable, but still handsome in its simple forms and classic shapes. We have taken all of the aspects of Roman armor that we love the most and made it even better with our modern design technologies and techniques. We feel that any Roman soldier would be truly ecstatic to don this cuirass - we know that we are!

Roman armor is fantastic because it was incredibly well documented. Even though it is from an incredibly ancient time period, it is easier to find examples of than nearer eras simply due to how pedantic they were at record-keeping and preserving their history. This means that not only are there actual examples of extant pieces, but also very detailed written records of the kind of armor and clothing they wore, as well as military tactics and structures.

“Lorica Segmantata” literally means “segmented cuirass”, which perfectly describes this excellent piece of armor. It is built from a number of metal plates that wrap around the body and come together at the front and back of the armor with lacing. This means that it is very adaptable, and in Roman times would have been able to be worn by a number of different body types, meaning it could be re-used by different soldiers. The steel is 1.5mm, with 1.5mm brass plates with loops on them adorning the front and back for the lacing to go through. The brass contrasts with the steel and adds ample reinforcement to ensure the lacing stays nice and tight. The shoulder armor is attached with buckles at the front and back, and articulate quite well due to hinges at the shoulder. They are decorated with round etched brass ornaments that we have designed, with inspiration taken from similar brass artifacts.

We have used all of our best construction techniques and materials in creating this cuirass. Solid rivets have been used in all construction, meaning they are peened over onto washers to make one of the most structurally sound methods available. We chose stainless steel as a material because it is much more practical than iron or bronze! It is strong but also resistant to rust, easy to clean and perfect for SCA fighters. The design for this kit was made by our masterful blacksmiths, who spent quite some time creating and testing it for the best fit.

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  • 1.5mm stainless steel;
  • 1.5mm brass;
  • Brass hinges;
  • Brass buckles;
  • Lacing.


  • Historically inspired;
  • Shoulder and chest armor;
  • Brass accents;
  • Quality materials;
  • Adjustable lacing;
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel.

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  • Erica 22 of July 2022:

    These artisans braved bombardments and fire to forge this armor!

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