“Cassius” Roman Leather Bracers

Brass Accented Roman Inspired Bracers


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"Cassius" Roman Leather Bracers

Brass Accented Roman Inspired Bracers

Even the most loyal Centurion has had doubts about the emperor. It’s difficult to look tyranny in the eye and not feel like you have to do something to stop it. That being said, they never thought it would be Cassius who would do anything about it – he was disciplined and trustworthy, a model roman. Perhaps that is exactly why he had to be the one to plan the assassination...

Our new “Cassius” Collection of Roman armor is our creative take on classic historical designs. It is practical and strong, but still handsome and sure to make a statement. We have taken the aspects of Roman design that we love the most and have designed a bit further, using modern manufacturing techniques and materials to create a set of armor that any Centurion would be happy to wear. The time period we looked at when creating this armor was the Principate Empire, a time period marked by military organization and excellent record keeping. There are many artifacts from this time period that we were able to base our work off of, as well as a lot of source information about armor and clothing that made research even easier than it is for other time periods much closer to our own! This is one of the reasons we love this ancient era - they were far ahead of their time.

Bracers weren’t actually a part of the average soldier’s kit, but we have had so many requests for Roman-style bracers that we decided to add one along to this collection. After all - the best way to do “historical fantasy” is to imagine items that didn’t exist, but could have! They are made of thick, protective leather, and feature brass accents on them that are inspired by Roman jewelry. The brass is 1mm thick and has been etched with a pattern that looks like an engraving. The leather bracers have also been reinforced with strips of additional leather to make sure they are comfortable and protective. The bracers close with the help of lacing and go from your wrist all the way up to your elbow. We’ve also made it so they point at the back and extend a bit to give better coverage of your elbow.

We have used premium materials in crafting these bracers. All of the leather is supple yet strong and should stand the test of time if taken care of well. The brass is thick and shiny and will attract a lovely patina over time if you do not polish it. We have also used solid brass rivets throughout, which means that the discs are firmly attached and won’t be going anywhere any time soon!

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  • Leather;
  • Lacing;
  • 1mm brass;
  • Solid rivets.


  • Protects you from wrist to elbow;
  • Decorative disks;
  • Double layered in places;
  • Adjustable lacing.

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