Padded Jack “Hound of War”

Two-tone woolen gambeson with laces

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Padded Jack “Hound of War”

Two-tone woolen gambeson with laces

Inspired by infantry style, this bright gambeson is a part of our 'Hundred Years War' collection.

Commonly ‘padded jack’ was shortened underarmor clothes consisting of a plurality of layers of fabric, stuffed with rags, tows or horsehair. The present model is padded with two layers of cotton-based batting, features woolen outer shell and linen inner coating. The edges of the various layers are firmly stitched together and reinforced by an additional piece of cloth. Two-tone exterior perfectly fits the fashion originated during the Hundred Years' War, when wearing same colored suits became a kind of national mark of distinction.

Padded jack was a must for the knightly equipment since plate armor parts were traditionally tied to it with the cords. It’s equipped with two eyelets at the top of the shoulder, allowing to attach the pauldrons with the included waxed cotton cords, and at the waist to attach the choses. It’s closed by fastening the cords, passed through the brass eyelets arranged in pairs in front of the gambeson. Lacing at the wrists allows making slight size adjustments.

Features a combination of several quilting styles: vertical stitching along the sleeves and at the waist, transverse - on the stand-up collar, and semi-circular in the chest area. Quilting makes batting to stay in place, preventing it from rubbing during twists, bends, and other movements. Stellar choice for a footsoldier with yeoman, lower gentry or well-off townsman background.

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  • Wool;
  • Linen (lining);
  • Cotton-base batting;
  • Waxed cotton cords.


  • Fitted design;
  • Great for infantry;
  • Fastens with cords;
  • Period-correct two-tone exterior.

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  • Max Galván Moreno 05 of April 2017:

    How many layers of padding does it have? or are the layers up to the customer's choosing?

    ArmStreet team answered :

    The gambeson has two layers of batting, but it is pretty thin and light. Please let us know how many layers you`d need and we`ll check if it can be done.

  • A.Isaacs 19 of February 2017:

    Can this be done with black and white(Off-white)? With the black side over the heart in front and with the back panels switched as well? White over the left shoulder blade. It's just cutting different fabric color I think.

    ArmStreet team answered :

    We have Black and Ivory white wool, but the original gambeson is made with Natural color linen accents and lining, which looks bad when paired with Ivory wool.
    We can make it Black&White with for example Red accents and lining. Or Blue, the idea is that they should be contrast to both Black and White wool :)

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