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European Padded Jack “Paladin”

SCA flax linen gambeson padding

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For some reasons this item is not available at the moment. Please contact our support at contact@armstreet.com for more detailed information or check these categories for similar items:

European Padded Jack “Paladin”

SCA flax linen gambeson padding

This underarmor jack is ideal for fighters who don't like bulky jackets and want to have something between their armor and body at same time. Authentic stitching shape is very ergonomic, gambeson has only one natural batting layer, so it's pretty thin.

External layer is made of natural flax linen, lining is made of natural linen too. This gambeson also can be used as a warm jacket, since it looks really good.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

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  • Fastrada 09 of June 2021:

    Hi, what material is the European Padded Jack “Paladin” gambeson padded with? 

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Fastrada, all our gambesons are padded with batting. 

  • Thomas Ford 29 of April 2019:

    Didn't you guys used to sell this gambeson in red? Do you think you'll ever have it available in that color again?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Thomas, we still sell it in red linen. Please simply select custom size option and there you will be able to select red color for the gambeson. 

  • Pat Dougherty 27 of November 2018:

    When do you think you might get XL back in stock for the European Padded Jack?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello Pat! You may simply select custom size option, choose black color and leave a comment to your order that size XL is required. We often re-stock our products, but there is no ETA on this gameson, sorry. 

  • Chamuel 01 of March 2018:

    Is it possible for this gambeson to be created with linen canvas for the exterior? If so, Do you have anymore lighter canvas available? Thank you!

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Chamuel, this gambeson cannot be made in canvas, unfortunately. 

  • Adam 27 of February 2018:

    I’d like to order one of these with arming points added. How do I do that? Thanks!

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Adam, please simply leave this request in the comment to your order and we will send you the invoice for the extra cost then. 

  • Veronika 24 of June 2017:

    Hello! I was wondering if you make similar gambesons for women?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Veronika, yes it should be possible to make this gambeson for a woman. Please contact our website support with your measurements so we could confirm the possibility. 

  • Bill 11 of February 2017:

    Hi Armstreet, Is it possible to make this gambeson in a pullover style instead of buttons on the front? Please let me know. Thanks.

    ArmStreet team:

    The pullover style for the gambeson is not possible, but the buttons can be replaced with buckles or ties upon request. Buckles - $50.00 extra, ties - $20.00 extra.

  • Chuck Friend 26 of November 2016:

    Looking at ordering as Paladin padded jack in black - custom sized for me. Could it be done with strap and buckle closure instead of buttons. What would be the total price for the coat with shipping and what would be the time frame for making it and shipping it to me. In other words - whn would I have it?

    ArmStreet team:

    The gambeson can be made with straps and buckles instead of buttons for $35.00 extra.
    Manufacturing normally takes 27-31 days, shipping takes 16-21 days. This way, you`ll receive the gambeson in approximately one month and a half since ordering.

  • Bronte 13 of October 2016:

    Hi! I note that it says on the site that some customisation is available. Would it be possible to have this gambeson made with arming points, and buckles instead of buttons? And if so what would that cost? Also, would you be able to tell me how long the gambeson is? I'm only 5'5" and I'm concerned it might be a little long. Thanks heaps!

    ArmStreet team:

    The arming points and buckles are possible for $50.00 extra.
    As for the length, the custom size gambeson will be made according to your measurements, so the length will be also adjusted to your height.

  • Josh M 29 of April 2016:

    Would this gambeson be appropriate for HEMA sparring? With the extra batting?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Josh, it is not appropriate for HEMA sparring, unfortunately. 

  • Haydn 01 of June 2015:

    I was wondering if you had any photos of a complete gambeson in the brown and the faun clours. I'm having trouble making up my mind

    ArmStreet team:

    Usually we make photoshoots of our items only in one basic color, so unfortunately there are no pictures of this gambeson in different colors, sorry.

  • Bill Brickman 07 of March 2015:

    Is it possible to order this gambeson except with the button style of the woolen gambeson?

    ArmStreet team:

    Yes, button style of the woolen gambeson - $20 extra, simply add a comment to your order.

  • Thomas Jacobs 16 of October 2014:

    I noticed that this gambeson comes in all the same colors as the leg padding does except orange. Is this an oversight or is it not possible to make a gambeson from that same color of flax?

    ArmStreet team:

    Just a bug, the gambeson can be made of orange flax linen as well.

  • Kyle Carter 18 of October 2012:

    When ordering this how do I order it with the 2 layers of batting?

    ArmStreet team:

    Simply add a comment to your order, we'll send an invoice for the extra charge to your PayPal email.

  • Michelle Ashbourne 14 of May 2012:

    My name is Michelle Ashbounre and I am the Wardrobe Buyer for the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. We have purchased a large quantity of your European Style Gambeson's under Order #s 12136 & 12349 and I have a question in regards to the fabrics. I need to know the fabric content of the outter fabric as well as the stitching. If you could get back to me asap with that information that would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Michelle Ashbourne

    ArmStreet team:

    External layer and lining are made of natural flax linen.
    Padding - natural cotton based batting.
    Stitching - cotton with small addition of synthetic fibers for elasticity.

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5 Feedbacks

  • Sean 06 of May 2018:

    Ordered this gambeson in natural flax linen with straps and arming points. Extremely pleased with the final result. I dont think I have another piece of gear this comfy. I had ordered natural flax linen since I'll be dyeing it by hand for fun, and received white leather straps - so if you're ordering straps for this gambeson you may want to include strap colour in your comment as well. The arming points are pretty great. perfect spot for the pauldrons. However those are the only arming points that came attached, no rerebrace, vambrace or elbow points. The arming points also came in white leather, so once again if you're ordering these you may want to include colour in your comment too. All in all, I definitely recommend this gambeson. Its wonderful, armstreet does an amazing job taking your provided measurements and giving you garments that feel like a second skin. This was my second order from them[I had ordered a tunic previously, also wonderful] and will be placing more orders in the future.

  • Bronte 05 of January 2017:

    Beautiful construction and fits like a glove. Several alterations were made to the standard gambeson (I requested buckles and arming points) and at every step of the process Armstreet were professional and accommodating which made the process very easy.

    ArmStreet team:

    Thank you for your wonderful review! That`s a pleasure for us to do our work for you. :)
    Always welcome back to ArmStreet!

  • Kyle Sampson 30 of December 2015:

    I just purchased this and it arrived the other week, about a week sooner than I even expected it to be manufactured. I absolutely love it. Good fit, not too heavy or restricting. Solid stitching, and a nice simple look that is very easy to build on top of. I'm very satisfied with this product.

    ArmStreet team:

    Pleased to hear this, we're very happy that you liked the gambeson! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experiences.

  • Nathan L 06 of May 2013:

    This is a very well presented and padded gambeson the picture doesn't do it justice, another very well made product good job armstreet!

    Armstreet team:

    Great, we're pleased to get such a review! Thank you!

  • Ted Powell 18 of February 2013:

    Just bought one & I am very pleased. Well worth the money. Extra buttons are a nice touch :-) Thanks - gonna arm up this weekend - can't wait!

    ArmStreet team:

    Many thanks for your feedback, Ted!

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