Prince of the East

Reminiscent of tales of Arabian Knights, Persian Princes this collection utilizes brass, steel, and etching to highlight the beauty of Eastern armor.

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ArmStreet is excited to present our “Prince of the East” armor set: a collection that is truly the result of our love of Eastern history and is meant to honor both the mystical aspects, larger than life heroes and historic origins of this wonderful style. With this set, we set out to explore the beauty of Middle Eastern armor, which to us evokes memories of heroic tales of Arabian Knights, Persian Princes, and Jinns freed from bottles. This collection plays on the myths and folktales that have been brought to life by bards and storytellers for centuries and inspires a sense of power and wonder.

Based on historic pieces of armor residing in both the famed Tower of London and Kremlin Armoury collections, our “Prince of the East” harkens back to a time when mounted Mamluk Warriors roamed the desert and Ottoman Turks stormed the walls of Constantinople. The armor worn by these warriors was deeply etched and often inlaid with pure gold, which our talented artisans have recreated and reimagined with solid workmanship so that you can treasure it for years to come.

Our “Prince of the East” armor is fast, light, flexible and very protective. Consisting of a cuirass, gauntlets, bazubands, multiple helmet options, greaves, knee and elbow protection and pauldrons, we’ve got your most vital parts covered with style. Though based on more than a single set of period armor, we are confident that this would be right at home during any era of the Late Middle Ages.

We hope that you’re enchanted by this armor and the stories that swirl around it - who knows, wearing this could be your first step towards finding a Jinn that will make your dreams come true.

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Be inspired by 15th century Middle East armor

Up until the high middle ages, Eastern and Western armor were really quite similar! Through this collection, we really wanted to explore and celebrate the point in time when armor styles started to diverge, and create an aesthetic that is beautiful and important to the cultural heritage of the East. While Western-style medieval knights started to lean towards articulated pieces and move away from the mail, the East started to make use of hardware such as pins, hinges, and develop a more ornate style.

Was middle eastern armor flexible?

While a lot of Middle Eastern armor appears quite rigid, it is actually quite easy to move in, in comparison to Western armor. The use of chainmail, as well as the tendency to only cover the more vital parts as to not sacrifice movement, means that Middle Eastern Armor is actually quite flexible.

What does middle eastern armor include?

As with all armor, every single person will have a slightly different arrangement depending on their personal preference. In general, it was quite common to find:

  • Breastplate and backplate
  • Chainmail
  • Helmet
  • Pauldrons
  • Elbow and knee protection
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Embrace the showmanship of gold, silver, and ornate etching

We know that it can be intimidating to fight on the field wearing visually stunning armor. If you’re worried about standing out, just consider the fear that your opponent must be experienced when they look at your magnificence! We always feel that our customers should just embrace the showmanship of this kind of armor, get yourself into a victorious mindset, and play a character with confidence.

Fight in style with a turban helmet

This type of helmet looks fantastic but also has a function - the shape of it causes it to deflect blows and actually keep you safer. If this is not the right kind of head protection for you, there is also the option of a helmet Misurka. This type of armor is basically a mail coif (which you would be familiar with if you’re interested in western armor), with an added plate on top for more protection. This offers you a solid piece of metal on top of your head to protect you from blows, but also more visibility than a full-face helmet.

Did middle eastern armour include knees armor or greaves armour?

It was more common for middle eastern armor to include knee and greave armor separately. For French knights, you would be more likely to find a completely attached full leg piece, whereas in the Middle East you would find a greave and knee armor piece attached separately, but working together.

Craft your image to be the perfect Eastern Prince

Become a piece of history and explore your favorite myths and legends by becoming a heroic Eastern Prince. Explore caverns, crusade, storm the walls of cities… and maybe even find yourself a jar or bottle that contains a magical Jinn. The fantastic part of this armor is that it could be used in a historical context, or be applied to a character that is just a piece of epic fantasy! Crafting the story is up to you.

Don’t sacrifice looks or safety with your SCA armour

A lot of us participate in SCA events, so we're no strangers to creating protection that is practical and beautiful. From functional cuirass armour to demi gauntlets, all of our designs are tried and tested to make sure you're going to stay safe. ArmStreet has the added bonus of being a company that is always improving on previous designs, so if we have any updates to the way to construct gauntlets to offer customers better protection, we will update old models with these new technologies.

Express shipping all over the world!

Do you live in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, or in another country that has trouble with shipping? Don't worry - we offer a number of options that will make sure our armor gets from our workshop to your doorstep. From standard mail to UPS, there will be an option that is right for you.

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