Prince of the East

Reminiscent of tales of Arabian Knights, Persian Princes this collection utilizes brass, steel, and etching to highlight the beauty of Eastern armor.

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ArmStreet is excited to present our “Prince of the East” armor set: a collection that is truly the result of our love of Eastern history and is meant to honor both the mystical aspects, larger than life heroes and historic origins of this wonderful style. With this set, we set out to explore the beauty of Middle Eastern armor, which to us evokes memories of heroic tales of Arabian Knights, Persian Princes, and Jinns freed from bottles. This collection plays on the myths and folktales that have been brought to life by bards and storytellers for centuries and inspires a sense of power and wonder.

Based on historic pieces of armor residing in both the famed Tower of London and Kremlin Armoury collections, our “Prince of the East” harkens back to a time when mounted Mamluk Warriors roamed the desert and Ottoman Turks stormed the walls of Constantinople. The armor worn by these warriors was deeply etched and often inlaid with pure gold, which our talented artisans have recreated and reimagined with solid workmanship so that you can treasure it for years to come.

Our “Prince of the East” armor is fast, light, flexible and very protective. Consisting of a cuirass, gauntlets, bazubands, multiple helmet options, greaves, knee and elbow protection and pauldrons, we’ve got your most vital parts covered with style. Though based on more than a single set of period armor, we are confident that this would be right at home during any era of the Late Middle Ages.

We hope that you’re enchanted by this armor and the stories that swirl around it - who knows, wearing this could be your first step towards finding a Jinn that will make your dreams come true.

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